Can yoga help you last longer in bed

Solution to the age-old sex problem could be a 5000-year-old ritual…

Few years back a study was conducted in India to find out how Yoga can help premature ejaculation (PE).

The results of the study were astounding (in the west, of course) and received wide publicity and were published in various US journals including Mail TodayNature (USA).

One journal even declared “it is a breakthrough in medicine” (a study on 5000-year-old ritual??)

Recently I had a chance interviewing Dr. Vikas Dhikav, Senior Research officer at AIIMS New Delhi, the most prestigious medical institute in India. And I tried to solve the puzzle.

He was one of the doctors involved in the unique study of evaluating yoga as treatment option for premature ejaculation.

Here’s abridged version of the conversation:

Q: Hello Dr. Vikas can you please tell us about the study?

Dr. Vikas: Dear Kris, actually we enrolled patients and followed them prospectively for next 3 months.

Patients were made to do yoga for 3 months. At the end of the study period, we compared the benefits that they received with a group of patients who were taking medicine called fluoxetine (SSRI or anti-depressants).

We found that results of this study were as good as those taking medicine.

That means, yoga can treat PE in a manner as good as medicine!

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Here’s the study: In a group of 68 patients, those on yoga reported significant improvement in PE compared to 82% of those on anti-depressants (SSRI). That means yoga has 100% success rate!

Anti-depressants pills have been linked many celebrity deaths and they have horrible side-effects like nausea, headache, sleeplessness, depression, vomiting etc. These studies personally lead me to understand my own PE and device ways to end my PE naturally. Yoga slaughters PE quickly.

Q: Can you tell us which Yogic positions were used in the study? Were they difficult for normal guys in the west, who has no prior experience of yoga or other forms of eastern exercises.

Dr. Vikas: Actually you can refer any yoga manual for yogic posture. We used basic yoga posture + mahabhed mudra.

(HINT: plenty of beginner’s videos in Youtube)

Q: Was meditation used?

Dr. Vikas: We had not used meditation. It was a yoga based study.

Many websites say meditation is the way cure PE. And frankly as I revealed in the First Step to Lasting Longer FREE ebook I don’t meditate either.

Q: How much time do you think is good enough for a person to get cured of PE by yoga?

Dr. Vikas: I feel practicing yoga for at least 3 months would be good enough to bring relief.

Q: Can you explain what exactly a patient can expect from yoga?

Dr. Vikas: One can expect better ejaculatory control…

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In an another study it was found that males undergoing 12 weeks yoga camp reported improvement in all the domains of sexual functions; desire, intercourse satisfaction, performance, confidence, partner synchronisation, erection, ejaculatory control, orgasm.

Indeed yoga improves our overall living standard.

Q: Can you quantify, how much minutes can a man last after 3 months, 15 min/day of yoga training.

Dr. Vikas: With this much of yoga… (Make it half an hour everyday)… I expect a man could last for about 3 mins… (imagine PE is ejaculation within a minute!)…

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300% improvement. I know that’s a significant improvement for a man who has severe premature ejaculation.

If you want to last longer in bed – naturally – then yoga is for you. Whether you have sex irregularly or you do it often – it doesn’t matter – you do it & you’ll get the benefits!

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