The Squeeze Technique: 7 Reasons It Does NOT Work – Anymore

By Kris Lovelock    |    Medically Reviewed by Dr. Marie Gabrielle, MD, DIM, FPCP    |    Last Review: Nov 16, 2018

This is a Shrink’s darling…

“The Squeeze Technique” designed by the Masters and Johnson to treat premature ejaculation.

If rumours are to be believed then the sex-therapist couple had a mind-blowing success rate of 99% in the 1970s! It almost worked too well. Right?

But there is a problem: it’s NOT working – not anymore.Now here are some interesting facts: the success rate dropped to 76.2% in the 1980s(1)

And then in a book ‘Coping with Premature ejaculation’ published in 2004, two respected doctors dropped the nuclear bomb and advised readers NOT to use this technique.

Although shrinks, websites and magazines don’t have the courage to acknowledge its failure…

It’s scary how once an influential technique from the most influential Sex therapist couple fell flat on its face…

Obviously, the question is:

the squeeze technique

Why the Masters and Johnson Squeeze technique has suddenly stopped working? Were they lying all along and taking everyone for a ride?
Why are men giving it up?
And finally, is there a way it can really help you?

Here are the 7 reasons for its downfall…

… and the 7 golden nuggets you can learn from…:

1. Too Much BS Online

The idea wasn’t just to squeeze the dick even though the metaphor they used was of a ‘hose’.

You see, the secret to lasting longer isn’t just how hard you squeeze the corona of glans or even the “perfect” timing of your squeeze…

There were a few steps that were “conveniently” forgotten by those short on patience… by and bykilling the golden goose

You see, many “step-by-step” online guides are misguided and created by folks who have no confidence in it… Their gibberish… “maybe… somewhat… good luck…” is killing it. In a moment I’ll tell you why.

But no wonder couples don’t get any ejaculation control from reading stuff online.

Some men wind up with painful side-effects. A guy said it caused a nerve damage… another said the squeeze resulted in blood in semen… And they gave up… so do others.

See, too much (wrong) information can be bad for you.

2. It needed a team of therapists

Masters and Johnson had a team of therapists to consult the couple.

At various stages, a co-therapist would help the couple and guide them to success.

Economically unstable couples find this arrangement hard to afford… and in fact, couples in the low-income group can spiral into severe premature ejaculation(2).

income risk for pe

Personally speaking, the opposite is also true, good sex can lead to more creativity and more income. In fact, the legendary ‘Think and Grow Rich’ devoted an entire Chapter 11 to ‘The Mystery of Sex Transmutation’.

Just a coincidence?

3. Distraction to make you last longer… What??

My major contention with the Squeeze Technique is that at the advanced stages you just get by…

It’s a temporary fix(3).
You lose your erection repeatedly.

It was the 70s and people probably didn’t pay much attention to what they thought… But these days with the ‘Law of Attraction’ buzz you don’t want to think about an old nun (unless you want to wind up with her).

I learned that Ancient cultures adviced couples to go into a Trance while having sex… in my experience it’s much more effective than distraction. And you can easily learn it.

Bottom line is we are creative beings and if you want to have more sex, then you should immerse into it… not run away from it (as suggested by gurus).

4. After Masters and Johnson, nobody was able to reproduce similar success

Clearly, the 99% success rate was a team effort and because of the fact that William H. Masters was a charismatic guy.

He was probably the only sex therapist to be featured on the Time Magazine cover and had a popular TV drama series ‘Masters of Sex’ created after him (along with Johnson).

While most articles you read online are published by bored freshers who subtly “acknowledge” it’s weird, unnatural and funny.

It doesn’t take much to figure out… even if there was a chance… half-hearted writers AND their incomplete details doom your efforts.

Why so? Because beliefs always play a big role… Placebos are well documented. If you believe it works (like some MJ fanatics) then it WILL work for you. PERIOD.

5. Its annoying…

Don’t you hate ad breaks every two-three minutes.

Then why teach your body to “give a thrust or two, then pull out and squeeze”…

Masters and Johnson said PE is a learned behavior… by that same logic, the Squeeze technique is simply teaching you to pause again and again and again…

It doesn’t account for the fact that women need rhythmic thrusts (and for that you need Trance).

It’s because for Masters and Johnson it was all about the Clitoris. For them sex and vagina were just formality. And most people especially Feminists followed in heards.

But we now know Clitoris is just the tip of the iceberg.

6. A bit of psychoanalysis can go a long way

study, “tracked a group of people born in the 1940s until the present day which concluded that parents who exert too much control over their children could be causing them lifelong psychological damage.”

Psychoanalysts have identified 3 main factors inhibiting success with The Squeeze Technique.

I’ve sprinkled them throughout my FREE ebook ‘First Step to Lasting Longer’ and in my FREE newsletters.

7. The technique fails when your partner is non-cooperating

Our culture and upbringing can negatively impact our sexual interaction. She may be too shy or he may be too self-centered… 

A committed couple will see greater benefit than the non-committed couple.

BONUS 8: You are back to square one

Finally, the worst side-effect is all your progress, money and time investment goes down the drain after some time… Yes, it’s true… you dig out of the pit only to fall back – sooner or later (4).

And to counter it to some extent most therapists suggest a follow-up session every 3 months.

And now you realize, why the Tantra philosophy I revealed in ‘3 Steps to Lasting Longer’ avoids any relapse…

That simple yet mostly-ignored trick has given me a massive ejaculation control without needing pills, sprays or anything…

And you can adopt my strategy if you don’t want to drag your butt to the therapists’ office everytime to get temporary fixes…

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