“Lasting Longer” by Dr. Sy Silverberg [review]

Amazingly Short Book Shows Men Tricks To Last Longer In Bed and End Premature Ejaculation: A Critical Review.

Awesome sexual stamina with
Dr. Sy Silverberg’s Guide.

“Lasting Longer” by Dr. Sy Silverberg is a concise guide for treating premature ejaculation. 

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This guide reveals basic information to delay premature ejaculation in men.

I downloaded eBook version with the idea that I’ll get it sooner & I would finish it ASAP.

However I just couldn’t read it from the screen! Probably because background is very dull, lacking any color. I had to print it.

About the Author:

Well Dr. Sy Silverberg has 40 years of clinical experience in treating premature ejaculation. He is certified sex therapist from both US and Canada. Right now he has retired so it mayn’t be possible to take any personal appointment with him.

About the guide:

In the first two chapters Dr. Sy Silverberg deals with facts & myths regarding premature ejaculation & sex. In the first page itself he declares what I think is a crucial piece of information for you:

Given the proper information most men can resolve the problem themselves.
Dr. Sy Silverberg M.D.

You don’t necessarily have to met him or any other sex-therapist personally to treat your problem! The programs, informational guides are enough!

Here’s a table of content screenshot:
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In 3rd chapter he explains little bit physiology of ejaculation. Believe me this isn’t science class. In very lucid easy-to-read language he explains how ejaculation works and how you’ll be able to control it easily!

Yes ejaculation is a reflex & author makes it very clear that you CAN control a reflex action – when brain (through spine) is introduced in the process.

Dr. Sy Silverberg devoted an entire chapter on the role anxiety play in ejaculation! We men get very anxious during ‘sexual performance’! Dr. Silverberg sets a real goal for readers! Both the partners have to be OK with the experience which not necessarily peak in orgasm.

Make sure that you never come away from sex feeling that you’ve failed.

After this very important piece of information he details exercises that you must do alone. Your goal is to focus, because you need to recognise the subtle sensations, when the “tickle” happens that’s the point of no return for ejaculation.

From page 48 you can find step-by-step method to start your exercise routinues! Dr. Silverberg stresses to create vaginal environment for training:

To make this learning process most effective, it’s best to masturbate in a way that mimics intercourse as closely as possible… simulating the action of penis in the vagina
– Dr. Sy Silverberg. M.D Page 52.

Well your hands & a masturbation cream should be enough for fun. But I highly recommend water based lube or Fleshlight for proper training & simulation. Fleshlights are a great way to simulate vaginal environment & I highly recommend their use

His advice during the exercises is: Be focussed on physical sensations, avoid fantasizing & catch yourself if you slip. Don’t worry, have fun.

And then later on author moves to couple’s exercises & a chapter entirely devoted for your partner to answer her doubts.

Well Dr. Sy Silverberg has a very long experience in treating PE & his excellent guide can end your humiliation easily.

What ‘Lasting Longer’ Lacks?

Often I felt the generation gap. Many therapists give audio versions of their guide & their email addresses to contact them.

The book is a low-cost option. However you can find awesome high-quality products to delay PE and improve sex. Delaying ejaculation is not same as improving sex!

The book was first published in 1978 – the second edition should have a CD or an audio version too! And there could be a chapter or two devoted to female sexuality & how to satisfy woman apart from intercourse like Oral sex, Fingering, Clitoris stimulation, G-Spot, Romance guide etc.

I think it helps in a big way if you’ve more ‘arsenals‘ (read skills) in bedroom. But this book lacked what the other leading programs are offering for free.

There is no money back guarantee also!

In nutshell: Lasting Longer is a recommended low-cost book, use this non-sticky water based masturbation lube or fleshlight for the training. It’ll help you simulate the vaginal environment – as recommended by Dr. Sy Silverberg!

 However if you are looking for high-quality leading comprehensive guides to delay ejaculation and improve your sex skills then click here..