ProsolutionPlus review [My recommendation]

Does it REALLY work? That was the question in my mind when I stumbled upon this supplement. A study by the University of Chicago found that the cheating among women is up in the last 20 years. I wanted answers to end the humiliation. And support to last longer in bed and delay ejaculation?

As you might know that I’m actively looking for anything that can stop the PE embarrassment. So this is for you if you’re dissatisfied with your performance in bed… and she desperately wish for a wild night…

How long will she wait for the good times?

When my GF cheated me I didn’t cry. Because I knew it might happen. A study by the University of Chicago found that the cheating among women is up in the last 20 years… But here you’ll get not just a review of Prosolution Plus Pills but,

I’ll also reveal some tips to improve your performance on bed, imagine her saying, “WOW, that was awesome.” So make sure you read every word here.
(This review is for Prosolution Plus pills – the one that makes you last longer. NOT Prosolution pills that makes your penis bigger and stronger. No, don’t take them together.)

1. But Does It Really Works? My Review.

Now here comes the meat, does it really works? Yes.

Well nothing happened for the first few weeks. But by mid-fourth week I noticed a difference. Erections were fuller.
Then one night my GF said, “I’m getting sore, please finish it, please…”
I was able to last longer with that erection. Afterwards she said it was the best sex ever because it felt so full and lasted longer.

Right in that moment it gave back my investments manifold.

I didn’t calculate the exact time (and I think it’s immaterial!) –but I lasted longer than I used to. 

Another thing I did was I take this pill on empty stomach with some warm milk.

I had read somewhere that herbal or ayurvedic nutrients are absorbed better on empty stomach with some warm water or warm milk.

Not with meals! Although the manufacturer doesn’t recommend it – so be cautious if you try my trick with Prosolution plus pills.

Here’s a comment from a user about Prosolution Plus Pills on

And you can find such observation scattered over the internet…

2. Any Other Options?

 Other options are 5-htp, and SSRIs.  If these names scared you then don’t worry. I don’t recommend them anyway. I tell you why…

5-htp is a high-risk complex formula. It can be taken for max 3 months at a time. FDA has issued a warning against it’s consumption.

All I can say is take due care if you’re buying something that’s not on my website.

Whereas Prosolution plus pill can be taken for longer periods – without any major side-effect. No major consumer or health group has flagged anything suspicious in this pill.

3. Is It Safe For Me To Use?

Yes. Because it’s a herbal solution. Fresh from the nature’s bounty. It doesn’t fiddle with your bio-chemistry the way other pills do.

Other pills try to act on your brain hormones—trying to increase serotonin. You get horrible side-effects. And they are expensive and cumbersome.

How this pill works? I’ll come to this in a moment. But it’s safe!

4. Is This The Best-selling Pill on The Market?

Yes. Fake, rip-off websites have come up to rob people. They lure with heavy discounts and wholesale prices. 

So save your money and time, and get original pills directly from the manufacturer only.

You don’t want to sit on them, chew your nails and wonder–“Is it the original pill? Will it work?”

Isn’t this what you want to avoid at any cost?

5. My Research on Why Prosolution Plus Pills Work? 

I’m sure when you understand this simple logic – you’ll feel a difference in your performance too. 

Now tell me why do you ejaculate early? Think about it for a moment.


OK. Done?

I hope you’ve your answer ready (write in comments).

So is it because of her hotness? Tight pussy? Some weird bio-chemistry? Devil or curse of the Almighty?

No Sir. No.

The reason why you ejaculate quickly is that you’ve the un-timely ‘ejaculation urge’. Isn’t it?

When you’ve this ‘urge to cum’ it doesn’t matter whether you were about to penetrate or it’s been 30 mins since your penetration.

If your nervous system throws you this ‘urge’ — you’ve to ejaculate.

And you can’t do anything about this ‘ejaculation urge’.. Even if you stop thrusting or take your penis out or squeeze it, this ‘urge’ won’t go away.

You must ejaculate.

Now IF you can control this urge – then you can control your ejaculations. Sounds interesting?

Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

Hang on ye all dirty brains. We are close to an exciting conclusion.

How can you control those un-timely ‘ejaculation urges’? By activating a part of your nervous system that is responsible for delaying ejaculation! How do you do that safely?

Take natural herbal elements that produce your desired results. 

Herbal ingredients in this pill activate body’s mechanisms to delay ejaculation. .

It also has ingredients that reduce your inhibitions so that you’re more confident sexually. This will unleash your manhood in the bedroom.

It does NOT contain Yohimbe—so don’t worry about ordering it anywhere in the world. Instead of Yohimbe–it has some other powerful ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris etc.

Want to discover what other ingredients are there in it? Then click here.

6. Will I’ve To Take It On A Continuous Basis?

Yes. As long as you are taking these pills—you’ll last longer without a problem. But after some point you may reduce the dose if you feel confident.
And you’ll discover in my email course how you can cure PE permanently

7. Is it clinically proven?

Yes. A major independent study proved this pill reduced PE by 64%. Expect good things.

8. How Quick Will I See The Results?

You and I have different bio-chemistries. It may work faster for you or it may not.

You should take it for at least 3-6 months. Please don’t expect overnight magic. Meanwhile you can use Prosolution Gel because it works immediately.

Now you might be thinking, “Why not get the gel only, as it works so fast?”

Well, this gel may not be a long term solution. 

Many people get frustrated by the fact that they’ve to rub it 1-2 hours before sex. It feels strange. And it becomes a chore.

So definitely get at least 1 pack of Prosolution Gel (don’t worry, you get this free, along with your order!).

9. Any Major Side-effects of Using Prosolution Plus Pills?

Nada. No major side-effects seen. It’s herbal and it’s manufactured in a high-quality lab in the USA. So no contamination risk.

10. My Recommendation

Does it offer free trial? No. But you’ve a FULL 60-Days Money Back Guarantee! So don’t worry, the investment is just $1.20 a day.
Now when you order one year supply (you can start with 3 or 4 months supply) you receive these following mouth-watering gifts:
1) a huge savings of $429.95!

2) one FREE pack of Volume pills to increase your cum.
You’ll ejaculate so much cum that she will leak it for a long time and if by mistake you ejaculate outside you’ll risk wetting her clothes, and the bed sheets in your cum.

And avoid shooting at her – she will be drenched.

3) 1 Free Prosolution Gel pack is provided.

You don’t have to worry if the Prosolution plus pills work for you tonight or not.  You’ve this pack and you can make the first move. By the time this pack finishes, you’ll be good to go.

4) Erection system subscription (wow) – ever wondered if you can have a longer, thicker and stronger dick (No matter your age!).

You get a month’s free access to an awesome website where you can discover how to increase penis size permanently .

In an any case I recommend invest in at least 3-4 months supply of Prosolution Plus Pills

MY RATINGS: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Ohh, if you like my review. Send me your results too.