Promescent (7.4ml): Can You REALLY Last Longer? 100% Honest Review

Finally, I’d the chance to test the much-talked-about delay spray – Promescent – during sex with my wife.

To begin with, I was suspicious but then I read an inspiring story about Dr. Gilbert… how his genuine intention to help people like me (who have premature ejaculation) created this product…

I also read about his sad demise after an unfortunate incident… and how the company is now run by his friends to honor him…

Now let’s see how Promescent really works.

promescent review

Promescent During Sex – UNCENSORED Review

Now here’s the deal…

It arrived yesterday, nicely packed, and thankfully didn’t have any embarrassing name on it… just ‘lotion’ and ‘AP Pharma’…

Then at about 11 o’clock I went to bathroom and sprayed about 3 squirts on my penis.

At first I thought about spraying just once, but then I went with the usual instructions and sprayed thrice…

Actually, I’ve got a dumb rule – less is more with delay sprays

Then within 30-45 seconds, I felt a slight tingling sensation… nothing that a man could bear…. and I washed it off with soap immediately. I kicked myself for not spraying just once.

Now the good thing was ALL this took just ONE minute for me… (remember, these are not the instructions).

And then I darted straight to the bedroom and we cuddled and kissed… removed clothes… and pretty soon we were ready.

And when she pulled my pants down – I was surprised… IT had almost never happened before.

But before I reveal more let me remind you…

… How Promescent Works?

It’s a Lidocaine based product and it slightly numbs your penis.

As you know, most people who suffer from PE, also complaints about having sensitive penis.

So when you numb your penis… you last longer in bed… some can stay up to 30 minutes longer.

Actually, I was expecting myself to be numbed like dead wood. But when she pulled my pants down, my penis sprung up before her and it was rock-hard…

I looked at my wife and she had a naughty smile. She put it in her mouth immediately and licked it before putting on the condom…

And thankfully, her mouth wasn’t numbed…

Ultimately, How Was My Performance…

Here’s exactly what happened:

I was thrusting almost regularly and with more speed and intensity. I’m not sure if it helped her with an orgasm but it did make her sore…

Within 35 minutes she was too sore to continue and almost begged me to stop.

The truth is we were having sex after a long gap… and maybe I just wanted to prove a point to myself… that I’m alive and kicking – sexually… haha

Actually, fantastic sex connected us deeply… by & by which is invaluable.

But the good news is if you’ve PE then you can expect to last longer in bed – and by my personal experience you can last up to 35 minutes longer pretty easily. Buy Promescent from Manufacturer

Oh And I Almost Forgot To Tell You…

About 20 minutes into sex, my wife moaned, “penis slipped off.”

I scrambled in horror, “for how long?”

“It just came out…”

“What did you say?” I asked again.

“Put it back NOWWW…”

Actually, we were tangled up in a weird position and I couldn’t see whether I was stuck between her legs or yoni.

Anyways, Promescent didn’t impact my erection… Actually, I was expecting it because its “knock-off” KY Duration almost killed it.

I’m not a technical person but I think it’s what they call “Target technology”… It doesn’t allow ‘Lidocaine’ to spread… which is why I used to recommend Benzocaine delay sprays.

How to use Promescent: Instructions

If you’re using the Trial version then you just need to press the nozzle and spray on your penis.

If you’re using the original version then watch their video…

If you have seen my How To Use A Delay Spray article then you’re good to go.

Promescent VS KY Duration: Which One Is Better?

Clearly, KY Duration which is ‘Made in Thailand’… doesn’t hold a candle in front of Promescent which is built in a small facility in North Carolina, USA.

KY is good… but I feel products ‘Made in USA’ are of much better quality. But I may be wrong… who knows… try it yourself...

But by the way my erection held its ground, I confidently recommend Promescent over KY Duration.

I’d say it’s my top lidocaine delay spray product.
Buy Promescent from Manufacturer

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Promescent Side-effects

Now every good thing has a price.

As you may have noticed I was slightly numbed. But remember, I’ve got a heightened sense of awareness especially during sex.

With Tantric practices over the years, I can feel with good accuracy where my semen is traveling through the pelvic veins (this helps me delay my PE)…

So maybe that’s why many people do NOT notice the numbness.

But in the long run, like me, you can discover ways to last longer naturally… and who knows you could last whole night with Promescent

Disclosure & Conclusion

I received this product for review, thanks to the awesome Team at Promescent esp. Ryan. In fact, it got stuck at Indian Customs (as it was an “Industrial sample”… but if you’re ordering it as a customer it should go through without a hitch) and they sorted out everything.

Here’s a link to their website. You can buy directly from the manufacturer.

Or buy from Amazon.