One weird NLP trick to last longer during intercourse

By Kris Lovelock    |    Medically Reviewed by Dr. Anastasios Gogos, MD    |    Last Review: Nov 17, 2018

Sometimes bigger is better…… bigger muscles (with or without steroids)… bigger penis… bigger breasts…

We want more sex… 20 minutes… 30 minutes… an hour long… or a weakend full of sex… nobody wants the bare bones.

lasting during intercourse

To that end, when I wade through all the junk online, I shake my head in disappointment…

Some say sprays are good, others say they are bad
Some say try new things in bed, others say wait for the marriage (as if things would miraculously improve)…
Some say focus on her, others say solve maths puzzles…

Excuse me, but I don’t crave Maths when my hot wife is naked in front of me… begging, “fuck me harder.”

Why Most Shrinks Don’t Know A Thing About Lasting Longer

I’ve not heard of a grammar teacher who was also a good storyteller or a poet. You can learn Theory of Music, but that doesn’t make you a musician.

Most men hang to the bare minimum sex. Because we were NOT trained to use the most powerful sex organ.

Think of an iceberg… most of it is invisible to the naked eye.

And it’s true about sex too. Because most of us don’t know how the 90% works.

The Most Ignored AND The Most Powerful Sex Organ…

You can easily last 20-30 minutes in bed. Would you like to discover how?

The answer is between your ears, not your legs. Yes, it’s the mind…

And I’m not talking about becoming a monk and meditate for hours… total BS. I don’t meditate.

Of course, you can do that but there’s an easy way out.

I’ve Found THIS To Be Very Helpful.

It may take you 5 minutes to start to see the changes or it can take you 5 days… depending on how you do it. Here I’ll show you my NLP trick…

But before that we need to build a solid foundation.

a) Taking care of Prostate

Inflammation in Prostate is very common among men who don’t last longer(1). In fact, you may not see any symptom until you do something about it.

You may ask your doctor to check for Prostatitis or you can take a good Prostate supplement – just to stay out of the harm’s way.

I highly recommend this prostate support supplement, you may be surprised with your quick progress.

b) Two Vitamins That Promote Sexual Stamina

When your ‘neurotransmitters’ gets whacked out of proportion then you can’t have good performance during sex(2). Men who don’t last longer usually have less Serotonin, along with more Testosterone and Dopamine…

… actually too much or too little of anything is bad for you.

Most people assume that by pumping Serotonin they can become pornstar.

No, soaring Serotonin can plummet your sex drive. Same goes for Dopamine – too little of it and you lose your mojo.

And before anyone says Testosterone is responsible for coming quickly and being a jerk… here’s another study…

For men who last longer, Testosterone has not been found to interfere in any way(3) …. that’s why I say it’s better to have some more especially if you’re above 30.

Meanwhile, most people are deficient in Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 which support a balanced production of Serotonin (4).

Of course, you can’t replace a balanced diet, but good supplements like this can help you to last longer in bed.

NLP: The Way I Last Longer During Intercourse

King Kong
(image source: wikipedia)

Maybe you were able to last longer when you were young… but as you aged you lost that edge… or you’ve always masturbated quicker and now it’s hard for you to shake it off…

… or it could be that you can last longer during masturbation, but not with a woman…

Whatever the case is with you… here’s one golden rule:

Never EVER… EVA… Distract During Sex… But ALWAYS Stay Present In The Moment.

This is really important and Shrinks don’t get it. During sex, you were trained to create poor images, you think about something from your past or from future.

It’s a grave mistake.Now imagine and tell me what do you do during sex? This is going to be fun…

What I mean is what do you do internally, like how do you feel? Where do you feel it first? How is it moving?
What are you seeing… is it an image or a movie. Is it bright or dim?
What are you hearing… and in what tone of voice?

Take a few moments to answer these questions… and notice that these questions deal with 3 senses (visual, auditory, kinesthetic).

Clearly, the current strategy you are using is not working. Change it and you can instantly last longer.

A few days ago a guy wrote to me that he could last forever during blowjobs and handjobs but not during sex… as if oral sex isn’t sex (unless you’re Bill Clinton)… So here’s an example.

When I asked him above questions, now pay attention, he said,

“During blowjobs and handjobs, I’m mostly stationary since my girl is doing all the work. I guess you could say I go into a sort of Trance where I focus the pleasure in my cock towards my mind and just get really into the feeling.
As for the image, I picture good feelings moving up from the bottom to top in a burst of energy. I don’t really hear any special voice in particular other than my girl slurping on my cock.”

But something strange happens during sex…

“I can’t seem to focus right. The moment we have sex, it’s like she sucks the energy from me with how good her pussy feels. I lose all focus and get drawn into the tightness, wetness of her pussy and sound of her moans.”

Then something weird,

“Sometimes I’m like a minute man but other times it’s like I’ve been possessed and can last for up to an hour of raw sex and she loves it.”

One thing is clear: he knows the strategy to last forever. AND he is using it… but not all the time. Are you still with me?

You are like 3-feets away from gold… the strategy is right here… in front of your eyes… can you see it… feel it stepping toward you… read it again.

Now pay attention here… here’s what I told him to do… instead of imagining the “good feelings moving up from the bottom to top in a burst”:

=> imagine it moving down from top to bottom.

Imagine the good feelings during sex as a ball of energy… and REVERSE THE FLOW…

Instead of moving up, I imagine my sexual energy to move down… from my chest and spine, down to stomach and pelvis… then out of my penis into her.

Yes, let your focus (or the ball of energy) go into her… in an upward movement… from her pelvis, breasts, shoulders, head and then moving out of her…AND then come back into you.

Don’t let the energy spread out or get sucked into her

…make the energy to come back into your body again… Let it go in cycles or loops.

You might need some experimentation… but always have FUN – no matter what.

By now, if you feel you need some help with this then I highly recommend you get my ‘3 Steps to Lasting Longer‘ where I hold your hand and help you overcome every problem so you last longer during sex.

Now… you may think what’s important about this “energy re-cycling”… then remember

… everything in nature is cyclical. Planets, galaxies, tides, seasons… even stock market.


So when you start to imagine (during) sex in this way, your neurology reverses.

You can make it gradual… try it when she is around you (include her into those loops)… then during intimate moments… BJs.. and then during sex.

By the time you have sex… you’ll have enough practice to last longer in bed.

Sex should increase your creativity. And it will. Concentrate on this part. And you can last as long as you maintain this state.

Actually, You Create A Mixture Of Experiences Or States In Your Mind During Sex.

You can enjoy her body… please yourself in any which way you want… there’s no reason for you to distract…

There’re many states or experiences during sex… you can feel like KingKong, God of the Jungle… to throw her around, or you can be a soft lover who worships her body…

… basically you can enjoy sex any which way you want…

All in all, once you follow my strategy… it’s going to be the raunchiest – inside your mind and out in bed too. And it’s just the beginning.

And don’t make the mistake of assuming that it’s not going to work for you… for if you’ve a penis and a sound mind… then it’ll work.

By now, get the step-by-step guide 3 Steps to Lasting Longer and you’ll quickly realize the easy ways to last longer during sex…

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