About Our Medical Reviewers

Meet the medical reviewers who keep us up-to-date and accurate

Dr. Shane Jackson, MD

Dr. Jackson has been working as a registered Doctor and Surgeon for NHS, UK since 2011. He earned his MBBS from Cardiff University, UK in 2011.

As a doctor, he has worked at many centers of excellence, like St. Mark’s Hospital, Croydon University Hospital, Bassetlaw Hospital and many more. He worked as SHO Urology, at Guy’s Hospital, London in 2011-12, prior to that he volunteered for GP and Psychiatric services in India in 2010. Currently, he’s completing his Diplomate of the Faculty of Reproductive and Sexual Health. Outside the hospital, he consults and sits on advisory board of many private medical and mental health ventures spaning a wide geography from China to the USA. He’s also developed two diplomas for students which went on to become UCAS accredited.

Dr. Murat Buyukaksu, MD

Dr. Murat earned his medical degree at Akdeniz University, Turkey in 2012. Subsequently, he received his Certificate of Occupational Medicine from The Ministry of Labor and Social Security in 2017.  Currently, he’s working as GP in İbni Sina Hospital, one of the biggest hospitals in Alanya.

He has participated in various studies related to Erectile Dysfunction etc. Some of the studies were even presented in the National Congress. Curiously, his ongoing research on ED patients could prove to be a game changer in the men’s health industry. Specifically, his purpose is to build a model that makes doctors find the ED patients even before they show obvious symptoms. In this project, vascular health is measured by using photophylethysmography. In his free time, he loves to translate medical projects, and over the years he has done over 500,000 words.

Dr. Fabian Ibarra, MD

Dr. Fabian earned his Doctor of Medicine from University of Sonora, Mexico in 2014, with Honorific mention. Recently, he completed Master of Nutrition and Dietetics from European University of Atlantic, Spain in Sepetmber 2018. He is Founder and CEO at IMMEDICA Primary Care Center.

Dr. Rabiyya Khan, MD

Dr. Rabiyya earned her bachelors degree in medicine and surgery (MBBS) from Rawalpindi Medical college in 2015. She is a voracious Health & Fitness writer and having worked in the department of urology she has an in-depth clinical knowledge about men’s sexual health problems.

Dr. Angel Sosa, MD

Dr. Angel obtained his MD from the University of  University of the Andes, Venezuela in 2014, where he graduated with Honors.
Currently, he is serving as Director of the Academic and Educational Secretariat of SOMMIR

Dr Marie

Dr. Marie Gabrielle, MD, DIM, FPCP

Dr. Marie is a visiting consultant in Internal Medicine, in various top hospitals in Philippines. Also, she is an Adult Medicine Specialist and Clinical Researcher for Drug and Food Trials. Dr. Marie earned her Doctor of Medicine, Iloilo Doctors College of Medicine in 2005. Subsequently, she completed her Post Graduate Internship (2006), and Residency Training in Internal Medicine (2009) from Iloilo Doctors Hospital and Medical Center. In 2011, she earned her Masters of Science in Pharmacology from University of the Philippines Manila College of Medicine.

She is a peer reviewer for Medical Research Archives (MRA) — an international scientific peer-reviewed journal by KEI Journals, USA. Dr. Marie is a voracious medical writer, and has worked for Healthy Times magazine (Singapore) in 2013. Later, she was Editorial Consultant for Medical Observer, which won the 2014 Asia Pacific Stevie Awards by Mosman NewMedia. She is the lead author of the Pharmacology for Allied Health Professions, First Edition (2017).

Dr. Anastasios Gogos, MD
Dr. Anastasios earned his medical degree from Medical School, University of Ioannina, Greece in 2015 where he was awarded with best medical student for two years in a row. He completed his resident training at General Hospital of Arta, Greece and there he has also served as Editor at IMS health.