About me

Namaste, this is Kris Lovelock. I’ve been writing about men’s health since early 2008… The then very popular enzine published my first article on Feb 02, 2008… It was an instant hit and received countless emails (probably because Valentine’s-day was close).

Kris helping since 2008

Anyways those messages motivated me to continue my journey. And over the years, it evolved into this passionate website.

My mission to build this website?

My mission is to equip my brothers with superior lasting skills to enable them to live a life of respect, confidence, and sheer masculine joy in bed.

Life’s good. My life has been blessed by being able to last longer. And I want everyone on the planet to experience this beautiful gift. All the problems of the world can be solved if we know how to deeply satisfy ourselves and our partner.

Would you like to experience that joy?

Who am I? What authority do I have?

I’m a certified lifestyle coach. I’ve done two health certification courses. And most importantly I’ve a keen interest in men’s sexual health.

Apart from all that… I was a “2-pump-chump” and had no confidence about anything. Life is hopeless and confused for a shy guy like me. I spent years learning and mastering the tricks and techniques to satisfy my girl.

Finally, in 2013 I married a beautiful girl and have been happily married since then.

Something Personal About Me

I can be found either in India or vacationing in some south-east Asian country. I no longer suffer from any sexual problem.

I’ve my own businesses and still I’m able to devote time to this blog.

Meanwhile, I changed my lifestyle and have reduced my fat from 33% to a manageable 20% body fat reducing a host of other health & sexual problems.

What Other Scientists, Researchers, Doctors Have Said About Me?

“I also learned something that I did not already know (which is rare)… I like a lot of what you are sharing…” 

by Veronica Monet CA, U.S.A. Certified Sexologist & Author, as seen on ABC news, CNN, CBS, Fox news.

“I appreciate your efforts… helpful (to PE patients).”—  Dr. V. Dhikav, MD, Ph.D

Dr. Vikas Dhikav’s works have been published on PubMed.gov, US National Library of Medicine (NCBI), National Institutes of Health (NIH). He has been cited in +500 studies and done +141 research papers.

“Thanks for your work.” 

Sexologist Dr. Annie Sprinkle is the first porn star to have earned her Ph.D. As a distinguished lecturer her work is being studied in many colleges and Universities across America. She has been seen on LA Weekly, Huff post, Esquire, Bustle, Playboy, NYT

And Here’s What Some Users Have Said…

“THANK YOU so much for your great tips… it’s really gold for every person – Md Anwar @ anwar***@yahoo.com

“Thanks Kris for such educative messages…” Amara J. aja***@gmail.com

“Hi Kris… Im starting to see results.. Luis L. @ lui***@gmail.com

thank you for saving our marriage…” — Jim R., 40, TX

Actually, I’ve many more emails in my inbox, but since this is a very sensitive subject, I share very limited information here.

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