Does longer penis makes you last longer in bed?

By Kris Lovelock    |    Medically Reviewed by Dr. Angel Sosa, MD    |    Last Review: Nov 12, 2018

Are Larger Men Crushing It? A lot of people say there is a correlation between penis size and PE. And most of them give anecdotal evidences i.e. they have seen it or heard it.
Here’s an email,

Guys with longer penises are less sensitive and they last longer in bed. I have spoken to some of my friends with larger penises and they do not have PE.

In fact, most of them can ejaculate on demand or at least after lengthy thrusting or jerking with their own hand…

Seems like heaven to me – size and stamina. Right?

penis size

I hate to say this but no study looked into this angle.

But in this article I can prove why (again!) it’s NOT about what you’ve got between your legs…

I hope you have seen smaller guys in porn having a blast. If not… never mind. I’ve something better for you.

Before I reveal what I’ve got… I’m going to crush scuttlebutt “broscience”…

Broscience #1: Men with large-sized penises tend to be more aggressive. They have a higher levels of testosterone which contributes to their staying power.

My take: A study found men having larger penises were exposed to higher levels of Testosterone – IN THE WOMB(1).

But they are still producing higher levels of T-hormone is a flat myth.

With that said I agree a bit of passion and naughty agression do contribute to staying power. But pretty much anybody can “show” it.

While most men – especially those who have PE – try to be “nice” in bed.

Remember, Masculine energy is a careless energy.

So to make more Testosterone irrespective of your age read this report here

Broscience #2: Larger penises are less sensitive. Sensory neurons are spread across a bigger surface area.

My take: It goes back to the age-old question. Do taller men have taller cells?

No. They have more cells. Similarly, a larger penis has a larger number of cells than a smaller penis. So chances are it has more sensory neurons making them more sensitive!

But the truth is PE is NOT due to a more sensitive penis(2).

It’s about ejaculation control. In this article I show you how as an Uncircumcised male I control my “hyper-sensitivity.”

Bro Science #3: Smaller penises are closer to the body. So the sensations travel faster through the nerves making them ejaculate quickly.

My take: This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read.

You know the average reaction time to a visual stimulus is 0.25 seconds. You see a ball and you hit it out of the ballpark. And for a touch stimulus it’s 0.15 seconds.

Guess what, your Reflexes are even faster… like “blink of an eye” – light speed.

Unfortunately, Ejaculation is a reflex action.(3)

So a longer penis can’t delay this reflex action any better than a smaller penis…

Moreover, it takes an average women 20-25 minutes to orgasm.

So your best course of action is to naturally delay ejaculation – as long as you want. Not penis enhancement (that can come later).

Broscience #4: Sex is an intensive experience for the guy with a smaller penis as his balls continuously rubs her. So he cums quickly.

My take: Vaginas are flexible enough to engulf a large penis. So for most guys, their balls are going to rub her anyway.

But even for “monster-sizes” there are certain positions where balls can rub her.

Moreover, the deeper you go, the more stretch your penis gets. And truth is when you stretch the penis-skin it makes you cum sooner.

So contrary to this myth, it’s the larger penis which should always be in the stretched position.

Tighter vagina is an excuse for no ejaculation control.

In fact, some “tight” women claim that they can make their men last longer! I’m not sure about it.

But if you can then sleep with a woman who does Kegels and chances are you’ll last longer.

But One Advantage Larger Guys Can Have Is…

…. they naturally stretch a vagina – think “penis ring” which traps your blood and makes you last longer (just 1 advantage?).

Moreover, a large man would go for longer, slower, steadier thrusts – at least in the beginning – which offers him a chance to acclimatise the penis thus making him last longer…

… while a shorter penis “jackhammers” with rapid brutal force… thus blowing the control.

But here’s the thing – if a little $5 “penis-ring” can give you more ejaculation control – then goddamn buy it now.

Finally, put the size debate to rest.

Alfred Kinsey Institute compared Euro-American and Afro-American men… and found three times as many Black males had seven inches or longer penises in the erect state.

Does that mean Black men are sexually superior? Well, I wish that was true.

But demolishing this myth in ‘Exploring Black Sexuality’ author Robert Staples, Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of California, writes,

“Black men have considerably higher rates of hypertension, stroke, heart disease, prostate cancer and diabetes than Euro-American… which can have serious consequences for their sexual performance.”

A group of researchers found a Black man feel “powerless”… when he isn’t involved in the “bedroom decision-making.” And this kills his performance (true for us too).

Moreover, a single, lone man miss the life-jacket of communication and support.

After all, singles abandon the ship the moment a problem arises.

So the big picture is… anxiety, low self-esteem, low confidence are the enemies. Take my hand and beat your enemies first and then enjoy your life and sex.

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