How to last longer tonight

If your going to have sex tonight then pay close attention to these tips…

… as these street-smart techniques are straight from my premium guide – Last Longer in Bed Tonight.
But there is a catch.

It may not work for you! Or it may not work as well as you might expect it…

Or they could blow you mind away. And force her to scream… yell… beg you to stop.

last longer in bed tonight

Before we begin empty out your bladder before sex.

It might seem weird but believe me it’s simply powerful. Why? Because a full, even half full, bladder puts pressure on your pelvic muscles making you ejaculate quickly.

So before you hit the sack, make a short visit to the restroom.

This visit can also lower your arousal in turn lowering your chance of an early shootout.

And it’s one of the first stepping stones to building good ejaculation control. Here’s another…

1. Never Distract

You know, Shrinks say it’s a wonderful strategy. But you’re basically digging a deeper pit.

What happens when you think about your dead dog or old nuns or maths puzzles?

Your body learns to lose your erection. And when you lose it, what do you do?

You try hard to gain it back. You go hard and in all of this, you simply ejaculate fast.

Moreover, she’ll catch that you’re not passionately involved with her, in the present moment.

Most women then fake orgasm to end the ordeal.

Or, avoid initiating sex again because they assume you may not be as involved. So avoid distracting at any price.

Opposed to this terrible mainstream “trick” I recommend you focus on sex. She’ll feel your passion, and you’ll be much better of.

Moving on here’s something you can do tonight.

1. Press your Perineum

This trick is directly from the Tantra. It works wonderfully for some.

In fact, a few couples reveal it helps them make out whole night.

Well, all I can say is try it yourself.

Here it’s for you:

during the beginning stage of the ejaculation, semen travels from Testes up to the prostate and penis.

When semen travels, it feels like a ‘tickle.’

If you notice it, you’ll catch it. But don’t worry, at this stage, it’s not important.

When you feel you’re close to ejaculation then do as follows:

If you (or your partner) press hard on your perineum (between anus and balls) then you can stop the flow of semen in the middle.

It can slow you down, you may lose some erection, but it’s okay.

After awhile you’ll gain it back. Try it tonight.

2. An old Taoist technique to hold back ejaculation is to cup your testicles and pull them away from your body.

When you are close to orgasm, your testicles come closer to the body.

And by pulling them down, you get some more time.

Here’s next one, which works wonders,

3. Knock one out before sex.

Go to the bathroom to ‘freshen up’, and knock one out real quick.

Then make good foreplay, ask her to suck you and you’ll quickly regain an erection.

Depending on your age, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours to achieve an erection back. For younger men this waiting period is usually lower.

In fact, many men experience an even more rewarding orgasm after the first one.

4. Give her orgasm with your fingers first.

The best way to enjoy a stress-free sex is to give her an orgasm first.

Here’s how to correctly do it: Clitoris (on the public bone) is sensitive to touch. In porn movies, they try to open it and tickle it.

Don’t do this at this.

Wrap your fingers around the vaginal lips and rotate hard. You must press hard, don’t worry, unlike us women are tough there.

So apply hard pressure because soft doesn’t work on it.

And pretty soon you’ll make her orgasm.

The benefit is now you are relieved of any stress. And with the stress gone, you last longer.

In my program, 3-Steps to Lasting Longer, I give a simple technique to ensure you put a virtual ROADBLOCK in the path of stress or anxiety and make out with full confidence.

4. Booze a little

Alcohol slows down the nervous system.

This may surprise you as many people believe alcohol serves a “pick-me-up” experience because when you booze, initially you’re more animated and less reserved.

After some time, your ‘system’ slows down.

Slow nervous system delays orgasm. But take it within your limits because if you are completely wasted, you have a ‘whiskey-dick’, meaning you are too lost for rock-hard erections.

A downside of Alcohol: it numbs you emotionally!

So you disconnect with your girl (and with yourself), and that’s not good.

To control your ejaculation, you need mind-and-body connection.

If, like me, you don’t drink then, don’t worry, we’ve more hacks.

5. Chant a Mantra

giggty — giggty – giggty. Remember the giggty?

In Tantra, mantras form an integral part.

A mantra is nothing but a short words or sentences repeated, building faith.

Mantra acts like auto-suggestions and puts your mind into complete focus and a rhythm.

What happens when you’re in a rhythm?

It puts ejaculation neurons into sleep.

When the mind gets into a rhythm, then you delay the ‘ejaculation urge’ automatically.

How to get into a rhythm of long lasting sex?

At this stage, I’ll suggest two activities:

a) Music: Soft music during sex can put you into a sensuous, and relaxing mode,

b) Mantra: repeat some words, e.g. “I’m getting better at sex.”
“Sex is easy.”

CAUTION: if you’re not putting complete faith, it’s not going to work.

It’s okay to be doubtful, don’t forget to try it.

To put this to work, repeat above statements, over and over again (I recommend 20 times).

Why focus? Shouldn’t I think about old nuns, or my dead dog or a maths problem?

If you’re not focussing on sex then you’re just wasting yours and hers time.

Sex without rhythm and focus lacks the intensity and energy which women love.

Instead, when you distract you’re not enjoying the moment, it doesn’t feel pleasurable, and the woman ‘gets’ it.

How can you maintain your focus during sex?

By playing, teasing, massaging and stroking. Open the lines of communication and ask her a lot, and she might spill the beans.

6.  Delay condoms

Now apart from thicker varieties, you can also use these ‘special’ condoms.

They contain numbing chemical (Benzocaine) inside them.

It will numb your sensitive penis, and you’ll last much longer.

Later on, you’ll see that there are natural ways of desensitizing the penis!

With natural methods, you enjoy incredible sex with full pleasure, without a sign of stopping.

You can also apply some delay creams for this purpose.

But be cautious.

Don’t miss these 7 hacks with delay condoms, if you’re using them, and most well with creams also..

7. Shallow strokes

This is playful.

The most sensitive part of vagina measures 1-2 inches deep (from the front of course). So all you need to do is go glens-deep!

When you go too deep, the vagina stretches the skin and rubs the sensitive regions of your penis. This makes you ejaculate early.

Shallow fuck with your glens, tease her and talk to her.

Keep the conversation limited to sex. And it’ll take your mind away from the ejaculation.  I can play this teasing game all night.
I’ll suggest, don’t stop the dirty talk even after the full penetration, or else your mind will go, “OMG, OMG… we’re in… dude times up, it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s definitely coming.”

In my advanced program, I tell my students to remember: An observant mind makes ejaculation reflex happen sooner,

At this stage, this is more than enough for you to know.

In 3-Steps to Lasting Longer, you’ll discover how to short-circuit the ejaculation reflex and last as long as you want, even up to 30 minutes easily and naturally.

Can you naturally realize the potency of my methods, which work so easily?

This is a bit advanced stuff, but I think I can share if you’ve sufficient confidence, and you will feel how powerful it is.

During those initial moments before you penetrate, you’re hot, she is hot, so tease her as much as you can.

Tease the hell out of her, until she gets real mad and begs you.

Push only half glans inside, yes half, not more.

Then ask, if she wants more? Ask her to say it louder? Say it louder, dirtier… you know, real dirty…

Then after maybe 5-6 minutes push some more, only glens deep… talk. Tease.

It helps in Acclimatisation (which is essential to overcome PE and last longer, more in my Gold program, 3-Steps to Lasting Longer).

Talking takes mind off the penetration, and it creates a magical environment for her, perfect for multiple orgasms and complete satisfaction.

It’s slightly advanced, so initially you can try this after you’ve given her an orgasm with either fingers or oral sex.

Because if you ejaculate early, she won’t mind that much.

Take it step-by-step, until you master how to create the perfect symphony in your bedroom.

Now I must tell you a shocking study.

Most men are told that the “ejaculation control will get better with age and experience.”

But a recent research reveals that around 23.4% men in their 20s fall victim to PE.

And the PE prevalence shoots to 36.8% among men in their 50s.

That explains why you’ll NOT get better at sex just because of aging or experience or trying above tricks!

FACT: If you don’t heal the cause of the problem (and it’s simple), it’ll mushroom in size.

Low ejaculation control will clamp an anchor of embarrassment around your neck until you lose more confidence and lose interest in sex.

Most men end up with weird problems like:

a) Erectile dysfunction:

More than one-third men suffering from PE also develop erection problems (ED).

b) Loss of healthy sex drive:

Many men avoid sex to avoid any embarrassment.

Slowly, dysfunctions spread in the women also.

Women in such relationships are at a higher risk of becoming Anorgasmic, means they won’t orgasm, no matter what.

Or they grow frustrated and depressed, or they lose their healthy sex drive and invite more health problems, or they secretly cheat.

These are not good statistics for any responsible husband or lover.

But is there a solution?

Yes, and it’s ridiculously simple. I  reduced the tedious protocol in three shockingly simple steps.

And when you get my program, you’ll naturally see how effective and simple it is.

The way I last longer is the polar opposite of what you see in the media and magazines.

I’ve learned these skills on the streets and in the trenches, and they work to ‘heal’ the problem and give you complete command over ejaculations naturally.

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