How to last longer in bed naturally & powerfully

Do you want to last longer in bed naturally and have tried everything unsuccessfully?

Maybe like many men you want to go like pornstars or want to give her mind-blowing orgasms… but you end up getting frustrated because you somehow ejaculate before you want.

If that’s the case then you’re at the right page.

How to last longer in bed naturally
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Think about this–

So many men have privately revealed that delay sprays, creams and condoms has done nothing to them…

Their relationship is getting stale.

In desperation they are driven to try pills, chemicals & hormones… only to make matters worse in bed.

I’m NOT saying these things don’t work… but the mental stress makes it ineffective.

I mean where will all this end?

Imagine 5 – 10 years from now… with an even more sensitive penis?

And thank god I didn’t make that mistake.

What’s the point of sex if you’re stressing about it

And for me? Once I realized SSRIs along with their side-effects and anxiety issues are a BIG no for me.

I was so ashamed of even approaching women that I assumed I’ll die alone…

You see, I’d a very severe life-long premature ejaculation and I was firing in my pants like mad at the slightest friction.

FACT: for most of us PE is because of the mind playing games with us.

Most of us have harmed ourselves by masturbating wrongly in our teens.

Now it may seem weird but the only difference between my old self and my this new body is “my psychology.” Nothing else.

And along with thoughts my biochemistry changed.

Has my penis changed?


Did I severe my foreskin and did crazy stuff you may read in the dark corners of the internet?

Of course, no.

Did I change my body or my pelvic muscles?

Heck no.

So what changed and how could a dumb ass like me who can’t even change a lightbulb last up to 30 minutes longer in bed?

While a lot has changed… I’m now married to a beautiful lady and have a great son. Now I want to brag that we are happily married and I’ve become a lot less insecure in my marriage then I was in my previous relationships!

The real answer why it all happened is because of the mind. It’s all about how we hack our psychology.

You got to last longer first in your mind and the rest will follow. Having said that here are practical tips for you to begin making the change you want in bed and last longer in bed naturally.

Use all the tools and hacks you generally read online for short term.

Believe it or not most of what you read online is only built to last short term.

If you’re meeting her tonight then here I’ve revealed some short-cuts for you.

But if you want impress her so much that she comes back to you again and again then do the following:

1) Stop doing Kegels.

stop kegels

I know it’s tough for many people to believe but there’s nothing wrong with their pelvic muscles.

You were born just perfect!

If you’re exercising fairly regular, avoiding sugar and junk food, taking staircase and a good evening walk then your pelvic muscles are in good shape.

Thing is the more to do Kegels the worse your ejaculation control gets.


It’s a common knowledge that nature didn’t build us men to do a longer sex. And if your pelvic muscles are too tight then your sperm will travel faster than the bolt.

And you won’t be able to last longer in bed naturally!

You don’t want that… so stop Kegels.

Moreover, Kegels are HIGHLY recommended for women! Why? So that women can achieve QUICKER orgasms. Do you want quicker orgasms? No. You already are achieving quicker orgasms.

It’s simple. If you want to look like women then train like one… if you want to speak like women then train your vocal cords like them… and if you want to have sex like them… Kegels like them.

I hope I convinced you of the lies being peddled these days regarding Kegels.

(sidenote: for tiny percentage of men Kegel do works wonder! If you guess you’re in that tiny percentage then stick with it. Otherwise, for most of us it should be banned.)

2) Communicate a lot to last longer in bed naturally


I know if you finish wayyyyy before that girl and she is giggling at you… then it’s a lot harder to ask next time, “What do you think if I say I’ve premature ejaculation?”

And look who is speaking about communication? Me… who himself was soo shy and awkward. But for a moment imagine how will she reply?

You’re not a real man… he he he

Really? Come on that’s NOT going to happen… because almost 80% of women have not achieved any orgasm with a man!

Unfortunate but true. But here is your opportunity to make sure she comes back to you again and again. You know it already, use your fingers or tongue.

And communicate with a smile… here is some script to help you get started…

Before sex.
“OK let me tell you this first 🙂 he he… I have a bad control over my ejaculations… but don’t worry I’ll ensure you’re done first ;)”

Chances are when you open up she will open up too in response and you will have a nice conversation flowing. Use that opportunity to talk about her preferences and fantasies (Ohh she likes anal or spanking or 50 shades). Could you use her secrets to satisfy her?

During sex (penetration).
“Do you like it… say it louder, how do you like it?”

Ask this in a deep manly tone that you practise when you are alone 🙂 And she’ll just go mind-numb…

After sex.
No need to say sorry. Believe it that she likes it.

Make no mistake a lot of men now ASSUME that sex wasn’t great, and they bomb, “I’m sorry.”

never, Never, NEVER ever say those words. Why?

The moment you drop this bomb, her thinking goes like…

“Oh really? Was it bad… maybe…”

And then slowly it changes to… “Oh yeah, it was bad. I’m so frustrated with him.”

Yeah our minds can fuck up like that.

Whereas if you just say, “Wow that was great!”

She goes like, “Really? Was that great?… maybe”

And then gradually it changes to “Oh yeah, it felt great to me. I want MORE.”

Did you see that?

You have to believe in yourself — Sun Tzu, The Art of War

3) So how to last longer in bed — naturally (star style)?

Simple. Slowly you train yourself! It’s just like you’re training for a marathon. Well if you want to go the distance then you got to gradually increase your potency.

Consider this with Stop-and-Stop… err “START” technique. What would happen if you run then stop, run then stop, run stop run stop run stop…

Do you think you’ll really make much longer?

I doubt… training for longer sex is somewhat similar… the more stops you have, the more frustrated you (and she) become.

So am I saying you should thrust non-stop for 30 minutes?

No, that’s not possible. At least, no woman want this… women want variety. And a monotonous pumping is plain boring.

And you can have a significantly better sex if you go above those behavioral tricks that are everywhere.

Now a lot of people (my learned friends) will swear by those behavioral tricks but they never did much help to me and to ones I know of…

What really helped was a combo of behavioral training and subconscious training…

Subconscious training is nothing but hypnosis and subliminal audios.

4) My NUT hack to easily last up to 30 minutes longer

Nutty as it sounds, I didn’t put in thousands of hours to mastering it. I used both an active rewiring of my brain and systems down there. Here’s what to remember:

Rule#1: A tight pelvic muscle or anxiety will prime your towards sex.
Rule#2: Always remember rule #1. 😀

OK. If you’ve noticed it whenever you masturbate with a tight grip or you thrust in her vagina you “by default” flex your kegals (or PC Muscles).

If you haven’t noticed it yet, go ahead and try this now…

If you can then get some erection and pull your penis… ahh and notice for that split second your penis jumped as if it was trying to stop the pee.

Did you notice that?

Try again… again… again

I’m waiting…

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed the phenomena…

(sidenote: now for some men their PC muscle is sooo tight ALL the time that they are not able to notice the clench and the relaxation of it. Don’t worry. Stick with the sensation of ‘releasing the pee.’ It gets better.)

This tightening of the PC muscle and your pelvic muscle leads to quick ejaculation. That’s it. You’ve to practice uncleanching it as much as you can and the movement of the sperm will be delayed.

Now someone might say, “Why not train to unclench like this and side-step psychological mumbo-jumbo?”

I doubt because we are emotional being and we do carry a baggage. When your confident in bed then you get a flair of a sex god.

So I consider clearing your past emotional baggage and rewiring your brain and muscle memory as VERY IMPORTANT if you want to perform like a man.


Want to last longer in bed naturally? Do this exercise:

a) Do your first unclench and notice the relaxation of your PC muscle.

b) Fail as soon as possible in task # (a) and go to (c) quickly,

c) Continue to do 20 unclenches and learn to relax your PC muscle. If you fail and ejaculate – repeat else to go #(d).

d) Notice your PC muscle during the day, in your office, while driving as much as you can (the only exception being exercising, Yoga or any physical exertion) and command them to relax instantly.

You are a porn star now because once you relax them as per your wish you can delay ejaculation as. long. as. you. want.

In short: The way to last longer in bed naturally

Now whenever I make out with my wife I just do this and you too can:

a) During foreplay
I notice my PC muscle and I start to unclench and relax them from the beginning.

This way I’m sure that they are not tight and helping sperm movement.

b) During penetration
I ensure that the pelvic muscles are completely relaxed.

Usually, they clench when I enter, so I unclench when I go in… then when I move out, they get clenched automatically so I unclench them.

I do it for 2-3 minutes first and then I continue with my usual speed, varying, grinding, sometimes picking pace, sometimes teasing her.

c) finish
Usually, within 20-30 minutes my wife is done. And then I tighten my pelvic muscles to help the sperm movement and cum…

Oh no… cumshots don’t happen in our bedroom

What’s next?

If you want to know more about the NUT hack and want one resource that I use to fight off my PE (whenever I feel like PE is coming back)… then you must checkout my 3 Steps to Lasting Longer here