How to use foreskin to last longer – (PART 2)

By Kris Lovelock    |    Medically Reviewed by Dr. Angel Sosa, MD    |    Last Review: Nov 16, 2018

If you’re an uncircumcised man then you might have heard folks say that cut men are better in the sack…While others say circumcised men are the worst. I’ll tell you why both claims are wrong(1).

Here in Part One – does circumcision rob you? I showed you why being cut or uncut doesn’t make much difference – especially when you wear a condom.

Here I’ll show you… how I use my sensitive foreskin to my advantage during sex. Believe me.

Can Too Much Of A Good Thing Make You Feel Bad?

uncircumcision vs circumcision

Yes, but it doesn’t have to…

To begin with my frenulum is tight but it’s NOT phimosis. A condition with tight foreskin that doesn’t pull back requiring medical attention.

My frenulum acts like a tight rope folding up my foreskin behind the corona of glans. It looks like my erect penis has wrapped a scarf around glans.

Actually, it’s as good as a cut penis – but more sensitive.

If your foreskin is loose enough to “roll”, you at least have a familiar layer on your penis… but in my case my penis is like the Drew Barrymore in the movie 50 First Dates having the “Goldfield syndrome”…

…a woman’s hands, her fingers, her mouth, her vagina… even my own hands… everytime it feels like a new touch.

Fast forward soon something changed and with new confidence I had new set of eyes.

How I “ENGINEER” A Longer Sex

Yes, there’s no logic in the last sentence, and yet it’ll make sense – soon.

But I can guarantee there’s NO need to get circumcised.

Simply because you could use a good cream or a delay spray to desensitize… or even a herbal supplement to block the ejaculation urge…

The thing is circumcision may initially work… but your body and mind will fall back into the same biochemical make-up that gave you PE in the first place…

So why dig out of the pit only to fall back into it – sooner or later. And who knows if you’re digging a deeper pit.

Instead here’s what I did…

I took my foreskin as NATURE’S FEEDBACK MECHANISM to feel how much I can step on the gas and how long I can go.

Hang on it’ll make sense.

Now here’s your first rule of thumb:

During sex, feel your body… penis just being first among the equals.

Feel the body? What stupidity is this Kris?

First, do NOT make sex an activity of intelligence — leave that for the Shrinks. So try to be a bit stupid – a bit creative.

In my experience, feeling with the body is a gut level activity. There are more nerve endings throughout your body than your penis alone.

Ohh… and… when you feel sensations throughout your body – then it doesn’t fry the few nerves in your penis – making you shoot your load sooner.

First, relax… and then feel.

These NLP tricks have tremendously helped me… practice it. For more get my FREE ebook – ‘First Step to Lasting Longer’.

To feel through your body – you just have to run your focus through your body, you should NOT keep your focus on your penis.

Your Feedback Mechanism During Sex

If this seems like a bit complex stuff… then let me tell you a rule of thumb: if you are on the right track you should feel good throughout your body…

So if you’re focusing on any of these things:
– Your penis,
– Her, or her pleasure
– Anything else like baseball

Your foreskin will act like a beacon, signalling you that something is WRONG.

How? You’ll feel the top part of the penis as very sensitive.

BUT if you’re focussing on your “feelings,” in your body… then the beacon VANISHES.
Read this part again. Really, read it again.

How To Switch Off The “Beacon” in Your Foreskin or The Glans

For that — I deeply engross myself “in sex.” I lose myself in sex. I become ONE WITH SEX.

No distraction, no sensitivity, no tricks… in that deep Trance state I create or “engineer” a long sex.

Does that make sense? See, this isn’t about “mind tricks”… this is about passion in the task i.e. sex.

A major problem is men are turning themselves into women with distraction or “multi-tasking”.

We men are hunters, and if you “multi-task” like women – then your brain gets fried (or neurologically speaking – more parts will lit up and it’ll soon exhaust itself)..

So like a hunter, you have to lose yourself “in the hunt.”

It might be difficult for some people… but I’ll show you how you’ve done it before.

  • Have you ever been so engrossed in an activity that you skipped a meal…
  • Have you ever read a nail-biting novel or seen a movie late up until the morning… and suddenly realized you’ve to go to the school or the office in a few hours…
  • Have you ever tore her clothes in lust and didn’t realize your nails scratched her roughly…

If you did then you know what I’m talking about… this is what I call Trance.

And when you bring this Trance state into your bedroom…. you can be a pornstar. I’ve no doubt.

See, The Biggest Problem Is Distraction

(and other biochemical things we’ll touch).

But first, count how many tabs have you opened in your browser… are you watching TV while you’re reading this, are you talking to someone or someone’s talking to you… that’s distraction. Take a serious look.

If you’re right HERE – then my respect goes to you.

This “disease of distraction during sex” spread with Masters and Johnson. They suggested men to think about “baseball scores”.

Truth is we can’t multitask. Women can.

With distraction comes anxiety.

During sex I focus in the present moment and lose myself…

But when you’re distracted or not “into” sex – your foreskin acts like an annoying beacon… signalling you that you’re heading straight to the trouble.

Here’s an example to show you what I mean

Yesterday, when I was having sex with a new ultra-thin condom we came into the Lotus sex position, facing each other while she’s on my lap…

My wife started playing with my penis… and suddenly it felt too sensitive. My frenulum was rubbing her soft belly.

The signal was loud and clear and I stopped moving into that position and soon changed into a doggy.

It felt way easier. And then later when I dived deeper “into” sex. It wasn’t too sensitive after a while.

So I stopped the beacon by coming into an easier position. And we enjoyed a lot, of course. I didn’t realize but soon we had sex in the lotus position too…

But let’s not forget I kept my calm and I was relaxed… otherwise I’d have ejaculated way sooner.

It’s important you also pay attention to the biochemical events during sex…

Imagine your penis is touching her soft hands, her pink lips or going inside her warm vagina — and you go like,

OMG, OMG… she’s so soft and beautiful… Awww… she’s touching my penis… Awww… it feels so nice to me.

I’ve learned to stop that… if you’re excited like a kid in a candy store, it shoots up your dopamine levels (2) — it’s a BIG mistake.

Now when I have sex I feel with my body, and say to myself in a deep tone,

“Ohhh yeahhhh… delicioussss… nowwww throw her over to the bed and fuck her… yeahh…”

Notice the difference?

Apart from being a little agressive or dominating, “I’m ONE with the sex”… I’m the very act of “having it”… read it again. There’s no “my.”

“I’m ONE with the sex”… I’m the very act of “having it”

I’m NOT seperate from the sex. This is pure passion.

In this case – I’m acting with my Testosterone and a bit of Serotonin. And studies prove that the higher they are, the longer you last (there’re limits to it, of course).

Shift Your Focus From “Her”, “Yourself” or “Baseball”….  INTO Sex

How I “Engineer” A Long Sex

Now think yourself as a “sex engineer” and to create a good structure you’ve to create a strong base. Here’s a sample of the kind of pillars you need:

  • If you don’t have high libido – you don’t have enough gas.
  • If you can’t keep a good erection – you’ve a flat tire, and you can’t go anywhere.
  • Taking the lead in the relationship and sex… so you’re the one who displays the masculine energy… ask her to shut the fuck up. And just let you fuck her.
  • Realizing when to stop and change positions – otherwise its boring…
  • If your T-hormone is low, you won’t be able to “get it up”. And don’t even think about those blue pills – with nasty side effects.
  • Too much serotonin and you lose interest in sex and in life…
  • If Dopamine levels too low then you don’t want sex or anything else in life…

So it’s about balance.

There are so many diseases… and there’s only one good health.

Similarly, there are many techniques and things to keep in mind to last longer in bed… You can find it ALL at one place in my ‘3 Steps to Lasting Longer’ program.


That’s why I call it “engineering” longer sex.

Too much of anything or too little of anything is bad. And of course, supplements can help you here.

Be grateful for what you have or don’t have. Because it generates a lot of good chemicals and produces a lot of good feelings – which is good for sex and creativity.

And good sex and creativity brings good income, romance, happiness and satisfaction in life.

Now I hope you’ve realized that longer sex is much more than JUST about the penis. This innocent patch of skin is not the cause of your PE woes.

And in my advanced program ‘3 Steps to Lasting Longer’ I show you exactly what you need to do to last longer in bed…

1. Bossio, J. A., Pukall, C. F., & Steele, S. S. (2016). Examining penile sensitivity in neonatally circumcised and intact men using quantitative sensory testing. The Journal of urology, 195(6), 1848-1853.
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