How to Use Delay Sprays: 11 Steps for Freakin’ 30-Mins Long Sex (Step-By-Step Guide)

By Kris Lovelock    |    Medically Reviewed by Dr. Shane Jackson, MD    |    Last Review: Nov 17, 2018

Often with few and vague instructions on the packaging many men run out of luck and lose fun and control during sex.I myself made many dumb mistakes before realizing how to exactly use a delay spray for an insane amount of fun.

In fact, once I numbed a woman’s lips. And never saw her again.

So if you are going to buy a desensitizing spray or have purchased one…

And if you don’t want to make stupid mistakes like me, then here’re the 11 steps to use delay sprays so you crush your premature ejaculation… and boost your confidence and ego.

how to use delay sprays

Before we start let me add this: these instructions are applicable for all delay sprays such as – VigRX, KY Duration, Stud100, Promescent, Super Dragon, really any long lasting spray

Let’s begin:

Step 1: Should You Talk About It or Not?

Now I know many men are going to ignore this… but hey if you want to go that EXTRA mile — communicate with her.

Now, before you think about surprising her then think about this:

You’ll be going to the washroom – at least twice. And if she is NOT aware of the events then chances are she is going to feel weird.

She may even think, “I wonder why he’s taking so many breaks… is he NOT interested in me?… Am I ugly… he doesn’t love me… I HATE HIM…”

But if you talk to her about using delay spray then she might go like, “Awwww… I’d like to see how this goes.”

Another benefit is that she’ll feel involved in the relationship. And this can be be a big thing for HER… you know… women!

Step 2: Check For Any Broken or Irritated Skin

Uncircumcised men – be careful! There’s a lot of foreskin, and sometimes you get bruised and are not aware of it.

If everything looks fine, move forward.
Otherwise, drop the idea for tonight.

Moreover, make sure you’ve read these 19 delay spray side-effects.
I share 19 side-effects, many of which are not mentioned anywhere. With that said, let’s…

STEP 3: Prepare the bottle

Shake the bottle a few times. The aerosol formula is ready to use now.

If there’s a child lock then remove it and apply pressure on the pump a few times (in case the formula doesn’t come out).

Step 4: How to Take Out The Aerosol Formula From The Spray

Some men put the formula on their palm, thigh, or finger first. And then they apply it on their penis.

Others put the content into the cap of the spray and then use a finger to apply it on their penis.

That’s OK.

But a BETTER way is to spray the formula on your penis (or on a cotton wool pad) and THEN rub it with the cotton wool pad. This way you can save your fingers from getting numbed.

Truth be told, your going to use your fingers to touch her genitals and her whole body. So numbing them doesn’t make sense…

What else?

Lidocaine, a common anaesthetic used as a desensitizing agent, easily gets into the bloodstream.  So too much of spraying might not be a good idea (HINT: that’s why I recommend benzocaine-based spray).

Step 5: How Many Sprays Should You Apply

It all comes down to this: more sprays means more numbing.

Keep them to the smallest number, as per your needs.

Here’s a magic number: start with 3 sprays.

One for the frenulum. One for the corona of the glans penis and the last spray for the glans (or the head).

(NOTE: Frenulum is the skin under penis joining the penis shaft and the glans. And corona is the umbrella-like tissue between the glans and the shaft.)

Dial up – if you feel like you need more or dial-down if you need less.

But do read the instructions. And don’t go over the highest recommended dose.

Step 6: What Exactly Should You Numb?

Whole damn penis or just the tip?

Here’s a trick: feel the sensations, before and after applying the spray.

Feel your erect penis, determine what exact part or spot is sensitive.

For most men it’s the frenulum or the scar. And then comes the coronal ridge and the glans.

If you think you are hypersensitive then numb the shaft too. But doing so will make your erection limpy. Keep this in mind – some men may not even penetrate.

In nutshell: Most circumcised men need to numb the scar.
Most uncircumcised men need to numb the frenulum.

Play with it, understand your sensitive spots and how much ejaculation control you’ve got… And pretty soon you should drive your sexual performance to the stratosphere.

Step 7: Should You Have An Erect, Semi-erect Or Flaccid Penis?

Most people recommend that your penis can be in any state.

Having said that if you apply it on a flaccid penis then chances are you may have a tough time “getting it up”. While it may not be a problem for some men…

But when you apply it on an erect or semi-erect penis, blood is already rushing in your penis. You’re horny and the veins are dilating. Keeping erection wouldn’t be as tough.

Step 8: Stay Away From THIS THING For The Next 5-10 (even 15) Minutes

Most delay sprays are water-soluble.

So do NOT take a romantic shower or go out doing a rain dance or get in a jacuzzi. As the spray will wash away.

So for the next 5-10 minutes warm her up (make sure your fingers are clean).

You can also ask her to give you a nice massage. This will give you better ejaculation control. Try it and tell me how it goes. Discover more emergency tricks here.


Here’s the thing…

If you are wiping it off with a damp cloth then roll the penis between the cloth. And wipe it away from you so the formula doesn’t spread anywhere else.

What if you’re using water and soap? Lather up the soap in your hands and then move your hands in circles on your penis.

Pour water from top to bottom.

Most delay sprays are water soluble, and chances of spreading within a few seconds are slim. But stay out of harm’s way.

And here’s one more recommendation.

Use warm water to wash it off.

Why? Because your penis is going to be hot with blood vessels trying to dilate. Pouring cold water can constrict the blood vessels.

If your penis goes numb, cold, and soft… then it can take some time. And this can be a huge turn off.

Step 10: Double Check You Have Removed It

Sometimes in the heat of the moment you forget to fully remove it.

This can numb her.

Patience is good, have her wait or moan… but before you swan dive make sure it’s completely removed.

If you run out of luck and she gets numbed you’ll be damned.

Step 11: Wear A Condom

… to keeps you safe from STIs, pregnancy and everything else.

If you don’t want to use a condom then make sure you thoroughly wash off the formula.

Moreover, if your wife is pregnant or you’re planning to have a baby then you should NOT use any delay spray. Make sure you read this (Delay sprays during pregnancy?).

Step 12: Enjoy The Heck Out Of The Moment

Have confidence.

Dominate the bedroom.

And most importantly, have fun.

I know, all these sounds like cliches but truth be told my own performance went through the stratosphere when I followed them….

And if you want to discover how to last longer in bed naturally a good place to start is ‘3 Steps to Lasting Longer’ where I show you exactly how to beat premature ejaculation.

But Before You Go, Here Are Some FAQs

“What About Oral Sex?”

Yes, you can have it but make sure you have waited 5-10 minutes before washing it off thoroughly with a soap.

That is the only way to mutually enjoy oral sex.

If you just wipe it then some traces of it can numb her mouth. So wash, don’t wipe before blowjobs.

“Can I use a lubricant?”

Yes. In fact, I highly recommend you use one.

Some times back I saw a new gel on a TV talk-show ‘The Doctors’ it’s like female Viagra. And it makes sex a very pleasurable experience for her.

By now you understand you can use these lubes to ignite her passion so she cums easily. Here’s the new female Viagra.

“Can I combine Viagra with delay sprays?”

You should consult your doctor.

But as far as I know, these topical agents can get into your bloodstream especially Lidocaine.

They can be antiarrhythmic (affecting heart rhythms).

And a recent report suggests Viagra may also impact your heart rhythms.

I think two drugs running through your veins with potential to impact heart rhythms may NOT be a good idea.

Having said that you can try herbal male enhancement. They can take some time to work but at least they do not impact your vital organs.

“Can I use anti-depressant pills along with delay spray?”

Delay spray is a good alternative treatment for premature ejaculation.

If you’re taking SSRIs and they are not working for you then go for delay sprays. But trying both at once can take a toll on your erection.

“Can I have any permanent erection problem?”

You should not.

But there is a chance that you are teaching your body and mind a “weak erection”.

Subconsciously, your mind can learn (or anchor) that you have a weak erection. And then it can be a problem for you (and her)…

So you must also cancel the negative impact.

With that said, I myself take natural male enhancement and I heartily recommend them (along with hypnotic suggestions).

But at the end of the day it’s your decision how you block this negative impact but this “association” is real.

“How often should I use delay sprays?”

No general rule.

But just to be cautious I’d use it no more than ONCE a day. And twice in two days.

And then probably give a gap of a day or two so that it completely flushes out of my system.

“What’s the ‘extra time’ delay sprays can give me?”

Nothing is set in stone.

But most men can go 50-70% longer. (Although a few men hit the 30-minute jackpot).

Say you can naturally last up to 10 minutes. Then with most delay sprays you can go up to 15-17 minutes.

And if you last 5 minutes then you can add 2-3 minutes more in the sack.

Beyond that it’s all gravy.

“I don’t have a regular partner. I’m worried.”

Well, if low sexual stamina is worrying you then take it as an opportunity.

Get a good Tenga or Fleshlight and you’ll be well on your way to having more sex, more women, more creativity.

But you need to make sure you are masturbating with correct techniques.

Help yourself, go through this website and use my natural tips.

If you’re looking to buy a good delay spray then go here and select the best delay spray for yourself and your partner. But I recommend a safe benzocaine-based VigRX delay spray.

Buy VigRX spray directly from the manufacturer’s site

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