“How To Do Kegels To Increase Sexual Stamina, End PE, Harder Erections”

Top tips for Kegels or PC muscles exercises to correctly reap max benefit!

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Kegels are Sex-muscle work-out

You work out in Gym for your good health. But today you’ll discover exercise regime to improve your sexual performance.

PC muscles is the primary sex muscle. It’s involved in ejaculation & orgasm. If you are interested in bit academic part, read here.

Using PC muscles to Last Longer In Bed is not easily understood. Many men get it very wrong – but I’ll tell you correct way. First find it.

Find your Sex Muscles:

So where are PC Muscles located?

Way #1: Stop the flow of urine. The PC muscles, located between the anus and scrotum, is the one you squeezed (do not make a habit of stopping urine midway, because this can cause complications).

Way 2: You can also identify it by tensing the muscles in your pelvic floor until you find the one that makes your penis jump. This is best done with an erect penis, because the movement of the penis is easier to observe.

Still finding it difficult to locate? Observe if your anus is squeezing along with penis. In few days you will certainly notice the difference. I am sure you’ve located them by now. And yes for maximum benefit – squeeze PC Muscles only.

Kegels’ Basic Exercises. How to Get Your sex muscle moving?

I am giving you a very basic regime that’s best suited for you right now, all the exercises are personally done by me: Print this page or bookmark it for future reference:

1) Squeeze and release your PC muscle for 1 second.

Repeat this 10 times. Relax.

Initially you may find it difficult to do 10 in one go. Break it down. Like do 5 now, next – 2-5 minutes later. Do these sets at least 3 times a day. Make sure you are breathing normal. Don’t push things. But do track how much you are doing.

Make weekly goals: like 1st week you’ll do 2 sets daily. 2nd week you’ll do 5… & so on. The more you do the better it is ;). Make sure you are squeezing right set of muscles not just abs or bottoms or thigh. This exercise is rather simple and easy to perform.

You can do it by yourself – anytime and anywhere, not necessarily in row. You may need more time (if you couldn’t flex right set of muscles; your PC muscle is in bad shape or you can’t squeeze it at all).

However, like all exercise regimes, you need little bit commitment. Famous porn stars, with explosive ejaculations & orgasms, are rumoured to perform these exercises devotedly!

My thumb rule is that you must do some amount of exercises while going to office, home, gym or while doing other daily chores. Make it part of your routinue. Remember to have normal relaxed breathing throughout.

Kegel Apps

You can download apps to remind you to stick with the regimes.

Advance Kegels Regime:

1) Do the same squeeze for five seconds. Relax. Repeat this 5 times.

2) Next try squeezing the muscle for 30 seconds and relax for 30 seconds. Perform three sets of this.

Make things gradual & do track how much you are doing. Fit these advance kegels from 3rd week. Try your own variations also!

And lastly don’t overdo it. Relax give sufficient time to recover also :).

How to use PC Muscles to last longer in bed

Now I’ll tell you an awesome way to use the PC muscles to last longer in bed. I found 2 variations of it. I’ll tell you what I personally found best – even Llyod Lester of Ejaculation-By-Command recommends it.

After squeezing for so long many men try to stop ejaculation by squeezing as hard as possible. Not a good idea – during sex try to relax whole body, pelvic region & PC muscle. Just try it today during masturbation – relax your PC muscle & you’ll feel the difference.

The other variation I talked about is related to “Male multiple orgasms” – In this you’ve to develop your PC muscles very strong. And then when you squeeze it during sex – you get dry orgasm (no ejaculation but orgasm).

But my advice for you is till the time your PC muscle is not fully developed – try relaxing it!