My husband or boyfriend can’t last longer

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help the relationship out, without any break-up or divorce

First, I feel sorry for you that your man is suffering from PE. I too had PE. And it’s a horrible condition for a man. 

Because every man wants to have a superman sex stamina and wants to satisfy his woman but… somehow it doesn’t happen.

No guy (including me) worth his salt want to last less than 1-2 hours, (whole night is preferable)… I’m serious. It’s just that they don’t know how to make it happen.

It’s simple, but sometimes simple things are elusive. 

Fact is YOU can help your man improve his stamina.

If your partner has premature ejaculation then your relationship is at a critical stage. Do NOT ignore the problem! 

I know you love him very much, otherwise you won’t be here… & don’t want to be with anyone else but him. 

But you have to be very careful because PE can ruin your relationship and his personality, as it’s directly linked to his self-confidence.

Men are very sensitive about the issue of sex. 

If you directly tell him that he is not up to the mark, then he may take it on his male ego and lose his self-confidence. Or, he may think that you don’t love him.

This can affect his self-esteem & eventually future of a good relationship.


When I was suffering from PE I knew my girlfriend loved me immensely. 

Though she used to say that sex isn’t important for her, or ‘it’s ok’. but that didn’t help.

And then one day she told me that she didn’t like me finishing sex early. That was when I realised I need to do something about it. 

Of course, I couldn’t and eventually, the relationship didn’t survive.

Some women try to indirectly give hints to their men that you are unhappy.

The problem is we men often don’t get it! Or, we foolishly assume that things will improve.
What’s the problem?


If there is one thing you can do right now to improve your relationship then it’s communicate compassionately.

He is in pain and probably lost a major chunk of confidence already. He may feel sorry around you or think that you’ve become cold towards him.

Don’t worry, I’ll give you some scripts that can help you.

Let us shatter some myths and wrong beliefs:

1) Do not let your self-esteem suffer.

Often females see bad sex as their fault, they put the blame on themselves. 

“OMG, he doesn’t find me attractive anymore”Wrong.

On the contrary it could be that he find you too sexy to handle. Compliments!!

So relax it’s not about you, in fact it’s not his fault also, because this is something out of his control (right now)!2) He’s NOT selfish

Sometimes women think that the guy is selfish because he goes to sleep and doesn’t fulfill your needs.

No. Actually he doesn’t know how to manage his arousal and delay ejaculations.

It took me almost a decade to manage my own. Although my students have wonderful turnaround stories of PE. (link opens in new tab)

Frankly, he’s not selfish, he just doesn’t know about a few things.

Once he know about techniques, you might actually find it hard to manage him.

Ok, there I showed my male personality but I want to assure you he’s not selfish, he’s ignorant of a few things.
Take this:

a) Most guys suffering from PE think that the woman is resistant or passive during sex because she no longer loves him.


b) After ejaculation, he apologizes and goes away because he is ashamed, he doesn’t know if there is a better way

Yes, he is not leaving you alone, he goes away to save himself from your anger.

It’s perfect time to tell him how to be physically involved… ask him to cuddle you, massage you… he’ll realize sex can be much more than just genitals.

Ask him to please you, either do oral sex, or by fingers or use some toys. Don’t worry he won’t get upset — in fact, it might give him a new perspective and he might get curious in exploring you!

Am I kidding? NO.

Try it yourself!!

Start Communication With Him And Deal With PE Together

How to talk to your partner about premature ejaculation?

Communication is a powerful tool! 

In fact, one of the tricks I teach my male students is this: communicate your vulnerabilities. 

Now, depending upon your relationship it may work or it may not. Because it should come from the guy.

But you can try to share yours… maybe it opens him.

Best way to talk to men is compassionately (mild yet lovingly convey your thoughts)!

Depending upon your situation, and relationship talk to him in these loving ways:

Don’t get frustrated if initially he doesn’t see your point… it’s ok. Try some other time.WARNING: Never ever threaten him with an affair, or seperation. It will have adverse influence on him. AND YOU may never see him improve.

“Honey we generally have a good sex, how about if we have a bit longer sex, I think I’ll be able to feel you if you are longer inside me… I know it may be difficult for us now that we have done sex in this way for some time. You know I did some research & I’ve found this toy/ technique/ or simple 3 Steps to Lasting Longer (ok that’s my program) which can help us do longer sex… I am excited to use it”.
“Honey, I know you love me but I would love to try some techniques or program. Why don’t we try this sex-toy, or my program) I am sure it’ll be fun”
Dear, I love everything about you. I feel sexier when you are around me. You are my ‘Hero’… just one thing I really miss is a feeling of being with you more and more…. I mean I want more sex from you… I’ve found a really simple way to do that… other couples are enjoying it too… (you can point to my success videos) Why don’t we give it a try, it’ll be fun.

The thing is first appreciate him for something and then tactfully present what you want, so that he is open to try it.

If he has agreed to start a program for PE then give him your full support. In my program I give short-term advice that a man can do. You can purchase my program and explore together with your man. Don’t worry, the credit card shows ‘KRSLVK” and if you two share statements then you can say you transferred it to a friend.

I also give six months money back guarantee. But the only thing is your guy should try it.

But What If He’s Not Bothered?

Well, I haven’t see a guy who doesn’t want to enhance his bedroom skills. It could be that he has tried so much that he has lost his hopes… support him with a perspective. 

I’ll tell you more about it later.

Or, maybe he’s in a denial mode or has already tried everything or is too stressful. It could be anything unless you find this out, and it can be done by loving passionate conversation.

When to NEVER Discuss PE

NEVER ever discuss PE in bedroom. When you two are in a loving mode — never critisize him or discuss about improving PE.

You can do this in the afternoon or in the evening… but never on bed.

And most importantly do NOT demand performance from him. He’s already trying his best, you demand will crush him.

Create a healthy growing environment for your him & your relationship. In a moment I’ll tell you how…

Show your CONFIDENCE and hapiness in the face of every worse situation. I know it may be difficult – you may feel like you’re going for break-up or having an affair but don’t. 

Have hope, show confidence, — he’ll make extra effort to attract you & get back the lost passion.

Here’s the first thing I tell my male students: I’m your Morpheus and you’re my Neo. I need your complete faith. 

Not because I like this dialogue but because faith has a magic… and you need it a lot.

Try Things Tonight And Every Night

Ask him to be with you sensually

Ask him to massage you with an aromatic oil. Get some candles and make the bedroom a sensuous place… like with a Kama Sutra set.

Sensuality calms a man down and short-circuit his ‘ejaculation urges.’ It works…

If you’re thinking like, “Maybe he’ll hate me for this…” NO… try it, all this makes a man realize that sex is much more than just banging…. and it’s critical for his improvement…

Converse with him during the act

Now, here’s his current ritual: he enters you, and thinks NOT about you — sorry — but about maybe PORN (that’s ok) or about his coming ejaculation. In both the cases he cums early.

You can fight and push him away,

Or you can talk and — make him come into the present moment along with you.

Do NOT assume it MIGHT work because it’s a powerhouse and it works amazingly well.

Not convinced?

Ok, let me tell you, why it works?

According to many scientific studies, PE happens because of the lack of a compound called Serotonin.

A way to get Serotonin naturally is: feel dominant in social interaction. He can dominate you in bedroom and his brain will give him Serotonin and he’ll last longgggggerr.

Yeah, our millions of years of evolution has made this circuit in us.

Ohh btw don’t talk about what happened in the office or during the day… that’s nice but he’ll lose his erection and interest…

I mean talk-dirty and make him come with you and dominate you and not get lost in thoughts…

Now, you may not know the dirty language… Don’t worry, here’s a guide that can help you dirty-talk to him and make him come into the moment and dominate you and automatically last longer.

Be the Cowgirl

This is a sex position where he lay down and relax…. Allow him to relax himself, give him some massage so that he can delay his ejaculations.

Then when you come over him and penetrate — do NOT move. It’s called Acclimatisation.

Here the penis adjusts to the warm and moist vagina. Tell him to relax and that you’ll take care of everything…

For some men Acclimatisation can take up to 15 minutes. Yes up to 15 minutes, just sit and don’t move.

What if he ejaculates??

Don’t worry, still ride him… let him enjoy the sensuality and the sensations.

Next time or next to next time his penis will learn to adjust…

After this Acclimatisation you can start to move slowly, or if he wants it he can go faster.

Some men last easily up to 15 minutes after this.

Change the momentum & have regular sex.

When sex is nothing more than monotonous pumping or rushing then it’s a recipe for quicker sex ;). 

So change the tempo: slower -> faster -> slower -> faster and so on.

If he has ejaculated then later ask him to do oral sex, or use fingers or use sex toys.

 This will make him see beyond just penetration.

Discuss the programs with him

Guide him to this website and convince him to download any online program to cure PE

If you like, you can also get my program, ‘3-Steps to Lasting Longer’, I extend my full virtual arms and give support and help couples get better via emails. 

So you can be sure that I give my virtual attention to you and help you both improve… look at my students here

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