Durex VS Trojan: which condom works? Latest review & tips

For a long time, I couldn’t solve this puzzle… Durex vs Trojan. Why does one bust more than the other? Why one has more chemical? What do they exactly do?

If you want to last longer in bed then you’ve heard that these condoms can help.

And if you are trying to figure out the best way to last longer in bed with delay condoms then you’ve come to the right place because on this page I’ll help you with what I’ve found.

ALERT: Millions of fake condoms have flooded the market, made with cheap rubber, and bacteria-infested oil, they can be toxic. Avoid them.

durex vs trojan
Allow her to feel good

Which is better for you – Durex vs Trojan?

Here’re a few tips to help you pick the right brand which can give you better performance and a fantastic sexual experience…

Disclaimer – I no longer use them


Because nowadays I use natural techniques to last longer in bed… Through some trial and error, I’ve learned to stay longer and I’ve realized how easy it’s to last longer and destroy ejaculation with natural techniques.

Coming back, let’s see which one will help you survive longer.

1) Durex Performax is (too) powerful

Trojan has 4% numbing chemical whereas Durex performax has 5-7%. 

Don’t let this fool you… More chemical means you’ll be numbed more and this is bad if you’re a normal healthy guy.

2) Trojan can numb the woman

There were many complaints that Trojan numbed the female too – as if the numbing chemical was outside!

This is inexplicable.

May be some people put the chemical on their fingers, and by mistake then it get on to the outer surface of the condom. Other than this, there is no known cause for numbing the women. But still, be careful if you’re using Trojan. 

3) A big turn-off is the strange smell of Trojan

It’s a small issue but if your GF or wife has a nose of a bear than it can be a turn off. A strange smell is the last thing you want on bed. 

I remember once a girl said to me, “what’s that strange smell?”

me: “No, it’s this special condom…” 

She, “Really? Wash it off…

ME: {embarrassed}

Benzocaine condoms are notorious for this smell. It seems like Trojan needs some improvement here. Durex Performax Intense is much better comparatively – it does not have that peculiar chemical smell. 

For this reason, many couples prefer delay sprays, because they are easy to handle, and when you wash them off — it doesn’t have that smell. There are many hyped and expensive varieties but  I’ll reveal the best spray that is reasonable priced for its quality and quantity.

4) Both condoms slip-Off easily

Many men found that while they were thrusting in the vagina they lost their sensations. They couldn’t feel anything. Add to injury the penis went limp. 

Here’s an insider hack for you to avoid the penis limp: carefully remove some chemical from the inside tip of the condom. And you are little less numbed.

BUT Be careful not to put the chemical outside. I’ve used cotton swabs successfully…

So keep lots of dirty imagination and a good $3 stuff handy — I’ll reveal later. 

a) A big problems with these condoms is the loss of erection — often 100%

To avoid the condom slip out and maintain your erection, I recommend penis rings.

In those moments, sometimes nothing works to get the erection back.

Instead of looking at her shocked face, imagine grabbing your asset — the penis-ring — and mesmerizing her with your performance.

And a good vibrating penis ring also works her clitoris. This is a sure-shot way to give her an easy orgasm.

There are many varieties of penis-rings, from the luxurious and exquisite Coco de Mer, to the expertly-crafted Mio by Je Joue.

A high-end ring is made with the soft silicone which feels comfortable for you and the powerful vibrator feels good to the woman. 

Frankly, as a man, it wasn’t obvious to me, but couples repeatedly brought this up, especially women — that using a penis ring had had a tremendous positive influence in the bedroom!

At the end of the day, these low-cost penis-rings work, if you’re just aiming to hold it erect.

Remember if you want her to orgasm — you need to stimulate the clitoris (on her pubis) HARD. Being soft doesn’t work for her.
I recommend this life-long asset. I’ve gained my investment back when she wants sex instead of going out for shopping

Another thing you can do is, take some natural erection enhancing pills — think herbal-Viagra. Although I don’t recommend pills easily but this pill is different quality-wise and performance-wise.

No prescription, no side-effects. You just need to pop one pill and gain a good-enough erection. Because it’s liquid it works fast!

I’ll reveal it later… moving on,

5) Trojan is a bust-prone condom – be gentle.

When this condom bust, you risk numbing the vagina too.

If you feel like you want to thrust more intensely go for Durex

WARNING: Again avoid fakes at all cost. 

6) How to buy original condoms with discreet packaging

I recommend original Durex Performax Intense condom or Trojan extended pleasure condom from here as they ship it discreetly.. 

They are nice people and you can even order them at your office! There slip says, “health product” or something like this (USA only).

7) But condom is NOT a long-term solution to your PE problem 

Using condom is a lot hit or miss game. Most men don’t enjoy sex — after all you can’t expect it when you are numbed.

I no longer use them so my recommendation is NOT over-rely on them. I’m not against their use, if you are using them occasionally…

But they are not your loyal friend… when you lose your erection they create another embarrassing problem… so many men then go for 5HTP pills or natural pills like ProsolutionPlus or they learn the natural techniques to defeat PE once and for all…

In any case, I highly recommend you to chose a Durex Performax condom and a penis ring for tonight… and start a step-by-step program, any program, for the long-term.
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