19 Delay Spray Side-effects They Didn’t Tell You (COMPLETE LIST)

By Kris Lovelock    |    Medically Reviewed by Dr. Angel Sosa, MD    |    Last Review: Nov 11, 2018

Before we begin, I want to clarify this: nothing is for sale here.

And if your thinking about using delay sprays then I’ll reveal how, like me, you can avoid the side-effects(1) AND last up to 30 minutes longer like a BEAST …The truth is: delay sprays WORK.

But you need some precautions otherwise it can come back to BITE you.

side effects of using delay sprays

Let’s begin:

Oh and these side-effects are applicable to all the brands – more or less… VigRX, KY DurationPromescent, Stud 100, long lasting sprays, and other desensitizing sprays…

1) Are their REALLY NO long-term side-effects?

I am NOT sure.

You know, most pharma companies say their product has no long-term side effect. But we have seen them deceiving us before.

Recently, a man revealed he had always used a popular Lidocaine-based delay spray. And now he’s facing some difficulty in peeing and he’s NOT feeling his bladder empty.

It could be a Prostate problem and I recommended a natural Prostate supplement (which also improves your eaculation control).

But then I did some research and it opened a Pandora’s box.

I found Lidocaine can indeed cause ‘Urinary Retention’So don’t under-estimate the looooooong-term risk.

No matter what their sales agents claim.

Yes, even with Benzocaine there’s a risk. But at least, unlike Lidocaine, Benzocaine does NOT get into your blood stream and reach your vital organs.

And comparing FDA complaint data here’s what I found:

lidocaine vs benzocaine

Lidocaine received a whopping 1476 complaints! And Benzocaine just 56.

And notice the shocking 162 deaths(2) due to Lidocaine. Benzocaine – zero. All this when Lidocaine is costlier than Benzocaine!

So now you know why I recommend Bezocaine-based delay sprays like VigRx … And I HIGHLY recommend you to try natural ways to last longer in bed.

2) The Common Side-Effect of Delay Sprays (And The Easy Way Out)

It can transfer to your partner…

Simply put: it can NUMB her vagina. And spoil the party.

Here’s how you avoid it: after you’ve applied the spray, either wipe (using damp cloth) or wash it off. And then and only then put on a condom (if you’re planning for a baby read this).

WARNING: if you don’t remove the spray from your penis, then it may get smeared on the entire penis… making you numb like a DEAD WOOD.

With that said, you lose sensations in your penis for up to 30-45 minutes… so plan accordingly.

• How to Use Delay Sprays: 11 Steps for Freakin’ 30-Minutes Long Sex (Step-By-Step Guide).

But if the numbness persists for a day or more, as I noticed with a very popular Lidocaine-based delay spray, then STOP using them.

Shift to Benzocaine-based sprays. Unlike Lidocaine, they are mild on you…

3) You May Lose Erection (How to Regain It Back)

Usually penis can penetrate(3).

But I’d recommend 3 things so you fire on all cylinders in bed.

First, dial down the amount of spray you use.

Second, get male enhancement – like VigRX products… my wife has recommended me to use this as she can really feel the difference.

And lastly, use a rubber penis-ring.

It traps the blood inside your penis so you don’t lose the erection.

My Top Trick:  apply the desensitizer when you’ve gained an erection. NOT before it. Otherwise it’d be hard if you’re not feeling anything.

What to do if you’ve completely lost your erection?

Many men freak out and put a tremendous pressure on the penis making things even worse. So relax, talk to her, play some nice music, dance and enjoy. It’ll bounce back.

See it doesn’t need to be an uphill battle.

What if that doesn’t work?

Let me share another secret, a nice blowjob can breathe a new lease of life in those dead penis cells (make sure you’ve wiped it).

4) You May Lose More Than Just Your Erection.

… your passion may die.

Because your penis is dead.

Now, how to regain your mojo back instantly?

It’s easy. Stike a fun conversation with the woman or go for herbal male enhacement.
As simple as it sounds… it stunningly works.

5) Wild Encounters Must Wait – A Little

Yes, you must wait for it to go through your penis skin and work (except superior formulas I mentioned here).

Turns out you may need to excuse from her twice – first to apply it and then to wash it off.

But let’s stay positive.

Meanwhile, you can always massage her or have a fun conversation (or dirty talk)… to burst her with red-hot lust.

Or ask her to give you a nice back massage – so you can relax and last even longer..

6) You May Need To Figure Out The Best Dose

See you might need 2 or 3 squirts… or you may need more.

… some days you need less… some days you may need more.

It all depends on your mood, confidence and control in bed. These days I rarely use them. And if you’re naturally gaining stamina then you might need just one squirt.

7) You May Be Allergic to the -Caine Products (You May Know It)

Most people know about this. Else first apply it on your wrist.

WARNING: do NOT use ordinary desensitizers on your penis. According to a research, they can literally kill your penis cells. (And shrink the penis?)

Apart from that if you see rashes on the glans, irritation, burning, itching, or excessive numbing… then you should stop delay sprays.

Help yourself and go through this website to naturally last longer.

8) Rich Get Richer

If you know how to last longer already, then you’ll see MASSIVE results… adding up to 10-15-20 minutes to your sexual stamina.

But if you’ve a very poor control over ejaculation… then I’d recommend you to go and start here and invest some time learning the ropes.

Now you’ve seen major side-effects, I’ll quickly show you 12 PRECAUTIONS TO TAKE

9) Can You Use Delay Sprays During Pregnancy?

The short answer is NO.

Do NOT use delay sprays. Their impact on a developing baby is unknown… but who has the guts to test it? You can try these emergency tricks to last longer.

Having said that Pregnancy is a difficult time for both of you.

So if you’re a woman reading this then it’s your golden chance to help him, gift him a quality fleshlight or a easy-to-use Tenga

And help him last longer in bed naturally. This can keep your relationship fresh.

10) Delay sprays can cause medical condition especially when you already have a liver or kidney problem(4). Consult your doctor if you are not sure.

11) They can cause health damage if applied on irritated or broken skin. Especially the Lidocaine based sprays.

12) If swallowed, or sprayed into the eyes… it can cause some pretty serious medical complications.


Kids have a habit of putting stuff in their mouths. An incident like this happened and a kid died… So if you have kids in your house then lock this away or keep it at a height.

14) Check for expiry.

Order directly from the manufacturer. So you get a brand spanking new bottle.

15) Do NOT go above the largest dose allowed.
Even if you’ve severe PE.

16) There could be other uncomfortable side-effects.

If you notice some kind of pain or unbearable sensations then don’t use it or dial down the dose.

17) These sprays do NOT offer any protection against STI. Wear a condom, and stay safe.

18) You may feel some tingling sensations don’t worry. It’ll pass.

19) If you (or your wife or girlfriend) develop rashes, see a doctor.

20) Lastly, you do NOT gain any permanent sexual stamina.

Would you like to gain a natural 30-minutes stamina? In fact, you can start with my guide, First Step to Lasting Longer. Go here… for FREE.


The bottom line is delay sprays work. But the side-effects can deal a fatal blow to the fun.

If you’re looking to buy a good delay spray then it’s right here.

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