Does Circumcision causes you to ejaculate quickly? (PART 1)

By Kris Lovelock    |     Medically Reviewed by Dr. Marie Gabrielle, MD, DIM, FPCP     |    Last Review: Nov 1st 2018

Does circumcision affect how long you last in bed? 

This hot debate makes men mad at parents (1)…Some people claim circumcision chops off those useful nerves… whacking out the natural balance in your system… making you quickly lose control in the sack.

However, others boast that removing the foreskin crushes your premature ejaculation(2).

uncircumcision vs circumcision

So what’s going on here? And what should you do about your foreskin?

First, Why Do Men Undergo Circumcision?

The origin of circumcision lies in ancient religious rituals. In cults where carnal pleasure was seen in a bad light, it was a way to nip sex in the bud.

In English speaking countries, big wigs promoted it to “treat and prevent” masturbation in the 1800s.

It’s sister, i.e. Female circumcision (chopping off her genitals) still exists in very few parts of the world.

… but male circumcision flourished in the USA, Australia, and in muslim countries.

Now as you know one-third of the men on this planet were circumcised for “medical” reasons, some Doctors call it “vaccination” to force guilt-ridden parents to oblige…

It’s interesting to discover that people in the East don’t mess with the foreskin.

On top of that, media mocks natural penises making intact guys feel like aliens. They say natural penises are ugly, and lack “action” in bed.

As an uncircumcised man, I blamed my foreskin for my PE and the fact that I was not getting any blowjobs. (HINT: at least, now I know you can get blowjobs easily.)

Now, as I uncovered the details a new path appeared. But first, here’s what studies say…

Circumcision And Premature Ejaculation

Could this ancient ritual hold the keys to massive sexual stamina in bed?

A study by (Waldinger et al.) investigated 500 couples from five countries (Netherlands, UK, Spain, Turkey, and the US), and they found that the average lengths of intercourse in cut and uncut men were 6.7 minutes and 6.0 minutes, respectively (3).

In the same study, the longest duration in the sack was a massive 44.1 minutes – belonging to a lucky cut man.

And the lowest of the two groups – 0.5 minutes belonged to an unlucky uncut guy.

Another survey (4) found that the average intercourse lenghth jumped “20 seconds”, after circumcision.

In fact, one study done in Iran hit the jackpot.

47 patients had the leftover part of the foreskin removed and sex duration soared from 64.25 seconds to a whopping 731.49 seconds (almost 12 minutes).

What blew everyone’s mind was – 95.7% of the men gained better control.

Then researchers followed up with these men after one and a half years and these men were still delighted in bed.

The massive gains look too good to be true.

Should you get under the knife immediately to chop off all the skin?

Now there are three interesting things to notice.

The question you need to ask is, why does circumcision make men last longer in bed?

The reason that’s shoved around is lack of foreskin made the penis less sensitive, making these men last longer.

It may look valid on the surface, but with plenty of delay sprays and creams doing a good job of desensitizing the penis, why risk going under the knife.

Nobody has the answer.

And the fact is, some damn good natural supplements block the ejaculation urge too…

So something is not right with that theory.

Second, these studies didn’t discover reactions of women

With a portion of the skin gone… did it change the feel of the penis of their men?

Third, the study did not follow men for a longer duration.

It’s a common knowledge, that the effect of any PE therapy lasts for a few years… after about 3 years all the gains are wiped out.

What happens after the surgery?
Do these men drift toward PE again?? Does PE come back with even more severity, since, what I consider, a natural feedback mechanism is now absent?

Nobody knows what happened to these men…

Moreover, what about the popular idea: the sensitivity of the penis is the cause of PE?

What if it’s a hidden mechanism of Nature, you can somehow use to last longer in bed and nobody told us about this trick?

Here’s Why You Should NOT Chop Off Your Foreskin

The 12th-century physician Moses Maimonides said that once a woman had taken an uncut lover, it was very hard for her to give him up.

What this medieval physician said is yet to dawn on modern civilization.

The fact of the matter is when a circumcised penis thrusts in the vagina, it “slides” in and out… unintentionally, giving rise to the “jackhammer” style of sex…

As cut men feel mild sensations during sex, they need to thrust deeper and harder to feel good and achieve orgasm.

In a survey, 73% of women confirmed that cut men thrust harder and deeper (5), while uncut men were more “in contact” with them – making them ecstatic. And it feels intimate.

Don’t underestimate these warm feelings because this is what women want.

Here’s why uncut penises feel good… because it “rolls” between the foreskin and the skin of the vagina… like the neck of the turtle which glides in and out of the folded layers of skin surrounding it.


This “skin-within-a-skin pattern” cause priceless stimulation of the vagina.

What’s more an intact penis withdraws slightly from the vagina, as the wrinkled foreskin discourage the penis shaft from going out, thus making your thrusts shorter, gentler – and merrier.

One survey suggested that an intact foreskin turns into a longer and happier marriage.

But that’s just a beginning, a cut penis can forcefully suck out the natural lubrication of the vagina… making sex painful for her.

study (by O’Hara and O’Hara) concluded that women prefer uncircumcised men because of more likely occurrence of PE in circumcised men. Although another said, cut penis makes them feel clean.

Another study from Denmark found that wives of cut men were twice as likely to report sexual dissatisfaction than those of uncut men.

A shocking study found women who had vaginal orgasms preferred uncut men – whereas you know most men are taught about using mouth or fingers to stimulate clitoris and G-spot.

Why You Should Think Beyond Your Penis and Its Foreskin

If you’re uncut – it boils down to not getting under the knife. But if you’re cut – it’s alright too!

Use the foreskin or the scar as a natural feedback mechanism to last longer.

And if you are already cut it means you must keep contact AND go gentle with her…

Moreover, what practically happens is once you wear a condom, even if ultra thin, – cut or uncut – it doesn’t make any difference to the woman. Astonishing, isn’t it?

And it’s no news that condoms cause women to relax and enjoy sex…

But there was something that we completely overlooked here.

And you must pay attention here, if you know how to use the largest sexual organ of your body then you can last longer…

That’s my magic bullet to lasting longer in bed… even though I’m uncut I don’t need to numb the whole damn thing.

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You need to look at this intense debate from a new angle.

Most people assume that they don’t last long because they feel excessive pleasure.

That’s stupid… of course, sex is meant to please YOU – the more you’ve sex, the better it is…

Bottom line is: the key to extreme sex stamina is your largest sexual organ (mind)… NOT your penis or foreskin.

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Here’s PART 2: How to Use Your Foreskin to Your Advantage


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